Top Five JavaScript Image Rotators

Top Five JavaScript Image Rotators
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SpaceGallery is a Javascript image rotator that is actually JQuery plugin. This Javascript image rotator comes with a visual that is a spectacular zoom in and fade out effect. Installation of this plugin is simple in that it consists of just three external JavaScript files and a single CSS file for the styling. A single line of code invokes the JavaScript rotator effect. Customizable features include the border, duration of the animation. The perspective height, minimum scale of the image in the background. Also you can set up the loading HTML class, a function to be called before and after the script runs.

Visit this link to view a demo and download SpaceGallery.

Beautiful Slider

beauriful slider

Beautiful Slider needs no introduction as a stunning JavaScript image rotator as the name speaks for itself. This Javascript image rotator is based on JQuery. It is easily customization but a few HTML and Javascript skills are required. Beautiful Slider comes with an index to allow the website visitor choose the images based on the index. The size of the images, the decision to have links or not, and the number of images you desire are all fully customizable with Beautiful Slider. This JavaScript image rotator is ideal for galleries and news websites

The source code for Beautiful Slider can be downloaded here.



EasySlider as the name suggests is one of the easiest JavaScript image rotators to use. it features auto image rotating or manual rotating. You can also configure it to use a number index to flip the images. Not only does this JavaScript image rotator support images but practically any kind of content. EasySlider rotates the images in a sliding motion either vertically or horizontally. A go first or go to last button can also be used to jump to the ends of the gallery. You can place multiple sliders on the same page. Also supported is continuous scrolling whereby when you reach the end of the slide show it resumes from the first image without switching direction. You can customize the speed of the gallery, the control buttons to show as and the position of the controls.

To download EasySlider, follow this link.


coda slider

This JavaScript image rotator with rolling effects is inspired by the website of Panic. The developers of Coda, the Web Development Software for Mac OS X. It comes with tabs on the top an navigation arrows on the left and right of the content areas. CodaSlider not only supports JavaScript image transitions but also support any type of HTML content ranging from Text to multimedia content.

Visit this link to get yourself a copy of the CodaSlider image rotator.



This widely used JavaScript image rotator is based on the popular JQuery setup of s3slider is a bit more complicated than average. There are external files to import into the HTML page, Then is a fair amount of HTML customization, CSS customization and JavaScript customization. This JavaScript image rotator gives fabulous triple effects with transitioning images as well as transitioning image descriptions that are independent.

You can download s3slider from this location. Also find information on more resources for your next web design project here.