Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Facebook (Even Though I Still Use It)

Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Facebook (Even Though I Still Use It)
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10. Application Spam

One of the reasons I rarely log into Facebook is because of the amount of application spam that I have to see on a regular basis. Farmville, Youville, Youtube, Petland, Bejeweled, I mean come on, it never stops! Just when you think you’ve hidden every single application that your friends are currently obsessed with, suddenly ten new ones pop up.

I’m aware that this might not be a big problem for the average Facebook user. However, I’m the type of person who hates if there is a single email left in her inbox that isn’t labeled and archived or deleted if unneeded. I’m the type of person that goes insane if I have a ton of bookmarks in my browser. Perhaps Facebook just isn’t targeted at those of us who have a severe need to eliminate clutter from our e-lives!

9. First It Was Groups, Now It’s Pages

I remember using Facebook in my freshman year in college, and everyone and their mother seemed to have a group for you to join. Every time you’d log in, people you barely knew were suggesting you join some kind of crazy Facebook group. Now, everyone is suggesting pages, which are the same exact thing!

Except somehow, there seems to be even more of these. Between all the Family Guy references and “IF I GET 1 MILLION LIKES MY SISTER WILL NAME HER BABY COTTON EYE JOE” (Which is bad netiquette, mind you! Don’t type in all caps!) a person could lose their mind. What happened to liking bands, books, and movies?

8. The TMI Factor

Some Things Are Better Kept To Yourself

There are some things that I do not need to know. Actually, there are some things that no one needs to know. Every time I log into Facebook, it seems like I’m hearing a little too much about someone’s personal life. I’m sorry, but there really isn’t any reason to update Facebook with anything bathroom related. Unless you found a million dollars under your sink, and you’re looking for people to share it with. But that is never the case, is it?

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7. Who ARE You?

Have you ever noticed that Facebook likes to suggest people you’ve never heard of, nor have any common interests, as potential new friends? It’s bad enough that Facebook suggests people from high school that you have no interest in adding to your friends list, but suddenly it’s deciding who should be your new friends?

6. Mobile Technology

I used to get annoyed when I’d go out to dinner and someone would spend their entire time texting people who weren’t there. Now it seems that every time I go out to dinner with someone who has a smart phone, they’re checking Facebook. Since when was Facebook a replacement for actual human interaction? And trust me, the waitress does not find it cute when you tell her to wait because you need to update your wall with something you are about to order.

5. Wait, There’s Going to Be a MOVIE?

Of all the things that there have ever been a movie made of, including windshield wipers and Tucker Max, I’m fairly positive that Facebook tops them all in the “unnecessary” category. And to top it all off, they seem to be spinning it as some kind of deeply emotional drama. Facebook? Emotional drama? What’s next? A Twitter action movie where every line is less than 140 characters long?

4. Save the Drama

Don’t Be Such A Drama Queen

Drama is one of my biggest Facebook turnoffs. If it isn’t someone complaining about their job, it’s someone who is overly angsty that they parted ways with their significant other. And if it isn’t that, it’s someones family problems. And the worst part is that they seem to try to pull you into the drama, even if that is the last thing you want to be a part of!

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3. Facebook in Spoken English

This is a short one, but: People who use the phrase “Facebook me” as though “Facebook” is a verb really, really bug me.

2. Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past

One of the most awkward things about Facebook is when you inevitably get that friends request from someone you don’t really intend on being friends with. Maybe it was someone in high school you didn’t get along with. Maybe it’s your mother in law. Maybe it’s an aunt who forwards you a lot of email, and loves to send virtual hugs to everyone over Facebook with fifteen different applications. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s that ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who never really got over you. The whole situation is rife with awkwardness! After all, how do you politely tell someone you don’t want to be friends?

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1. The Inherent Addiction

After nine reasons of seeming like I really dislike Facebook, I will have to say one of the things that I find most annoying about Facebook is it’s inherent addictiveness. There is something all too convenient about finding all your friends’ updates in one place, and I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like giving myself a pat on the back anytime someone clicks “like” on something I’ve posted. So the number one thing I absolutely hate about Facebook? The fact that I actually don’t hate it at all!


Please realize that this article is humor based, as well as personal pet peeve based. It should be taken as very tongue-in-cheek humor, as after all, I do use Facebook!