Change Background on Facebook – A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Change Background on Facebook – A Step-by-Step Tutorial
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Facebook Tutorial: How to Change the Background on Your Facebook Page

Change the background on Facebook with Firefox and give a unique dimension to your work with this social networking site. With just a few steps, you can accomplish the task of changing the background with an image of your choice. Although only you can see it, a different style would, however, take your Facebook experience to a new level. How do you make the Facebook background change? All you need to do is install a Firefox add-on called Stylish, select the background you like, install it and you’re done.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Change a Background on Facebook

1. Start Firefox.

If you don’t have this powerful, free browser, download its Windows version from Firefox is also available for Linux and Mac OS X. Firefox has a great array of features. Check these out at

2. Install a Firefox add-on called Stylish. Through it manage user styles:

NOTE: Click on any screen shot to increase it size.


Click Add to Firefox. The Software Installation dialog appears

software installation dialog

Click Install Now. The Add-ons dialog displays the Stylish add-on.

stylish add on added

You’ll also see a message, “Restart Firefox to complete your changes.”

restart firefox

Click Restart Firefox. The Stylish add-on is now functional.

Steps to Add a Style and Make the Facebook Background Change

1. Open the home page in a separate tab.

2. Create a new tab and visit the companion website of Stylish at

3. Choose a style from one of thousands and click its name. The page with details of the style like its creator name, website and others appears.

user styles org web site

For this tutorial, I chose a style titled Green color 2010.

TIP: Use the search box and search for a style, for example, by popularity (this is the default), style name and the date of creation.

4. Click the Install with Stylish button on the top-right. The “Install user style” dialog appears.

install with stylish

install user style dialog

TIP: Click Preview to check whether the Facebook background change matches your needs.

5. Click Install. The style name appears as an entry in the Firefox Add-ons dialog.

green color style added

Now, view your Facebook page. Presto, your Facebook background change effort is successful!**

facebook with a new background


How to Revert to Default Style after the Change on Facebook Background

How to Turn-off the New Background and Revert to the Default Style

In the Firefox Add-ons dialog, make sure the User Styles thumb nail is highlighted. Click the style name. Click Disable. The Facebook background reverts to the default white background.To make the Facebook background change again to the previous style, click Enable in the above dialog.

style disable

TIP: As an easier way to turn-off the new style, click the S icon on the bottom-right of the Firefox status bar. From the menu, click the style name.

S menu

Use Multiple Styles and Change Backgrounds on Facebook

1. In Firefox click Tools > Add-ons to open the Add-ons dialog, if it’s not already open.

2. Install multiple backgrounds / styles from the companion website of Stylish as given above.

3. Each background you install will appear as an add-on entry in the Add-ons dialog of Firefox.

multiple styles

4. Click the Style name you want to apply as the background.

5. Click Enable. The Facebook background change takes effect.

NOTE: If you’ve several styles enabled in the Stylish add-on, the most recent style you enable applies as the Facebook background.

Turn-off all the Styles listed in the Firefox Add-on

Click the S icon in the bottom-right corner of the Firefox status bar. From the menu, select “Turn all styles off”

turn all styles off