Overview Of The Ultimate JavaScript IDEs

Overview Of The Ultimate JavaScript IDEs
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Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamwaever is the most popular WYSIWIG IDE for web development for the Windows and Mac platforms. With it comes extensive support for JavaScript. With Adobe Dreamweaver, you can drag and drop elements as you see fit. It comes with an extensive number of templates that allow you to drop in code such as drop down menus, form validation scripts, Ajax scripts and many more. With Adobe Dreamweaver you get support for popular external JavaScript libraries such as Jquery, Sencha, Mootools, Adobe Spry and Nokia’s WRT. Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to do all this while taking advantage of the built-in intelliSense features. Other code helpers include, syntax coloring, code completion, code templates, JavaScript debugging, code snippets and an extensive help system.

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Aptana Studio


Aptana Studio is a great JavaScript IDE that can be installed as a stand alone IDE or as an Eclipse plugin. Aptana Studio is highly extensible allowing you to install several of the most popular Javascript libraries such as JQuery, Mootools, Sencha formally known as Ext JS, Adobe Spry and Nokia’s Web Runtime Toolkit (WRT) among a host of others. Aptana Studio’s feature such as With these extensions you get the benefits of having the features that make Aptana Studio such a great JavaScript IDE. These include syntax coloring, intelliSense, auto-complete tight integration with your favorite Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Netscape web browsers. Aptana Studio supports source control and working directly off your FTP server.

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Coda is another JavaScript capable IDE from Panic. Coda is available for the Mac OS. It comes with a built-in plugin support architecture, which gives Coda the potential of having several plugins that you can use to target JavaScript development for several devices besides the major web browsers. Version control is supported within Coda allowing teams of developers to work on the same project at a time. With Coda you also get the advantage of a built-in spell checker on top of the already ever reliable syntax coloring and auto-complete features. Not only do you get intelliSense with Coda but there is a built-in DOM inspector. This allows you to preview your JavaScript code in relation to the rest of the HTML web page while providing debugging resources on the code. There is tight integration with Safari web browser for you to preview your JavaScript code. Coda supports some form of WYSIWIG editing.

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Microsoft Visual Studio

visual studio javascript

As of Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft has greatly improved the support of JavaScript in one of the most powerful IDEs for the Windows operating System platform. Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 both comes with a comprehensive JavaScript IDE that supports JavaScript intelliSense, code coloring, auto-complete and debugging. Also bundled within Visual Studio is JQuery, Mootools and other popular JavaScript libraries. With Visual Studio you can integrate you Javascript code with HTML and server side scripting languages such as PHP, ASP and ASP.NET. Visual Studio also has support for plugins such as Nokia WRT, the mobile plugin for building JavaScript rich Nokia web applications.

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This cross browser JavaScript IDE from Active State comes with support for you to check out a live preview of your JavaScript code. With this code you get support for auto-complete, code and syntax coloring. KomodoEdit allows you to have custom code templates in addition to key bindings for Unix based editors such as Vi and Emacs. With KomodoEdit you get source control and debugging features as well. There is also a DOM viewer with which you can see an expanded view of your JavaScript output. Not only does KomodoEdit support tabbed editing but it also allows multi-document editing as well cross file search and replace. Other notable features on KomodoEdit include, drag and drop of Urls to view their source, code folding, code snippets, intelliSense and code auto-complete.

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