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So you have decided to take your business online, or to start an entirely new business offering your goods or services on the internet to take advantage of a wider customer base, better marketing, and automated commerce solutions. But, where exactly do you start? Ecommerce, which is simply the business process of buying and selling products or services over the Internet, begins with choosing a solid reliable eCommerce web host. Choosing the best hosting solution for your eCommerce business will depend on the scale and scope of your business. Use this helpful guide below to help you determine what you need and find a suitable host.

Free eCommerce Web Hosting:

If you only have a single item or service or a very small inventory of items that you wish to sell, then you can find very simple eCommerce solutions that will be a perfect fit for your business and your budget. You will also need to decide if you just want a web store, if it will be separate from your existing site, of if you need a host for a website and store all in one then you will want to choose a host with web store features or add one of the free web store options to your existing site. There are actually quite a few free eCommerce solutions available to you, including the following:

Freewebs: Gives you a website and a store with up to 5 products in your online store with the free account. Upgrade available for more items and this is a very easy to use store builder.

Website: https://www.freewebs.com

eCrater: Is a great storefront service that lets you put a fully stocked web store online for free and to advertise in their free marketplace.

Website: https://www.ecrater.com

Real Store: Although in the beta phase, this is still another great option for a free store front with easy to use features.

Website: https://www.realstores.com

If you have a much larger enterprise and need more advanced options such as payment features beyond paypal, inventory management, or high volume features then you may wish to choose a paid eCommerce hosting solution to better fit your business. Here are some great choices in this category:

Verio: Offers a range of business grade features beginning at around $20 per month upwards to almost $100 a month.

Website: https://www.verio.com/ecommerce-hosting-solutions

Volusion: This eCommerce host provides solutions for small and mid sized businesses as well as large scale enterprises starting at around $20 per month.

Website: https://www.volusion.com

Site Ground: A very affordable solution with a lot of features for building an eCommerce website starting at only $5 a month,.

Website: https://www.siteground.com/ecommerce-hosting.htm