Web Design: Five Free Vector Graphics Resources

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A designer is always in need of great vector objects, shapes, and textures to enhance their work in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Here are five of the best sites for free vector graphics. As always, please be sure to read and follow each site’s terms of use.

1. BittBox

Frequently updated with thoughts, tips, tutorials, and design news and links, Jay Hilgert’s blog is a showcase of his great design work. With inspirational artistry and a wide array of vectors from textures, flowers, borders, web icons, and more, BittBox is one of the best design blogs on the web.

2. Go Media

Go Media appropriately calls their site, Arsenal, because of their abundant stash of powerful design work. Their free vectors include everything from architecture, trees, banners, wings, statues, skulls, and a variety of different textures, among many others. Be sure to also check out the tutorial section of their site, which has informative step-by-step posts on how to work with vectors.

3. Blog.Spoon Graphics

The personal blog of UK designer Chris Spooner, Blog.Spoon Graphics is where he shares news and developments in the industry, and showcases his unique talents in graphic and web design. His free vectors range from textures and spatters, to map outlines and web buttons, to cameras and other urban punk objects. This is a site for innovative, edgy, and modern vectors.

4. Vecteezy

With a catchy tagline of “Stupid name. Cool vectors!” Vecteezy is an aggregate site that updates daily with free vectors by artists from all around the world. Vectors are conveniently organized and searchable by category, tags, file type, license type, and user rating. Vecteezy is a great site to find new work by up and coming artists.

5. Best Brands of the World

This is a highly unusual website, and an important one for designers. Best Brands of the World has one of the most comprehensive databases for all of the world’s famous brands and logos, and offers the logos as vector files for designers to download. This helps designers use these logos in various mockups or presentations, and becomes a very handy tool in last minute situations when clients are unable to provide a partner company logo. This is also a great site for designers to upload their own logo design work to showcase and gain exposure.

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