Interesting Web 3.0 Tools or Applications for Web Designers

Interesting Web 3.0 Tools or Applications for Web Designers
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Introduction to Web 3.0

While Web 2.0 is in its peak, there are talks going on about web 3.0 tools or applications. How a web 3.0 website would be? What are the features of a Web 3.0 website? Already many experts in the field have predicted about that. Amit Agrawal states that Web 3.0 is about Semantic Web and personalization. Futurist John Smart, lead author of the Metaverse Roadmap explains Web 3.0 as an extension of Web 2.0’s participatory technologies and social networks into 3D space. Rajnish Sharma (Systems Officer of UPTEC Computer Consultancy, Lucknow) states that Web 3.0 will make your tasks much easier and faster. Searching will be much easier in Web 3.0 than Web 2.0. You don’t need multiple searches and search engine will do the hard part for you by analyzing your complex sentences and giving the best search results. Also a Web 3.0 web browser will behave like a personal assistant by carefully analyzing your personal needs and giving the best possible results for your questions.

Features of Web 3.0

Personalized Search for Each and Every Device in Web 3.0

There will be remarkable differences between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 tools or applications. Web 3.0 searches are all about personalization. Natural language processing, machine based learning and reasoning, and intelligent applications will make your search results more appropriate for your personal needs. The semantic web would be a major part of searching which is already on the development. There will be more “open” applications in Web 3.0. Open source software platforms, open data, etc. will enhance more possibilities to create new tools and applications. Despite openness your identify theft will be protected through remedial such as open identity, open reputation, etc.

With the development of technology Web 3.0 applications would be able to run on any device, mobile phone, or computer by making it faster to access. Another marked improvement of Web 3.0 applications will be 3D web. If you have experienced the SecondLife website, then such 3D spaces will be a common feature of the 3D web in the future.

Web 3.0 Search Tools for Web Design

3D Space in

So what are the Web 3.0 tools or applications for web design in the near future? Search will continue to be dominated by Google. With universal search, user search history, Google base, and Google gadgets; Google search will be much accurate and personalized making it a leading Web 3.0 search application. Google Squared is their answer to semantic search engines. Wolfram Alpha is another great search engine with Web 3.0 search features. Community built search portals like Swicki and natural language search sites like Powerset will be quite useful to enhance your reader’s search experience.

Socializing in Web 3.0

Twitter and Facebook will be major players in Web 3.0 social networking. Google’s OpenSocial , Wink , FOAF (friend of a friend) will be interesting tools for Web 3.0 design. Wink is a people search engine for blogs and social networks. Google’s OpenSocial will bring social sites together with useful applications. Twine is the next generation of social bookmarking. It tries to understand you by providing the most appropriate content for you.

3D Spaces in Web 3.0

3D graphics will be extensively utilized in the development of Web 3.0 tools or applications. A great example is where you can create 3D virtual world. There will be more gadgets and widgets that enhance your 3D web experience and user engagement.

Entertainment in Web 3.0

Another significant improvement in Web 3.0 tools and applications will be seen in entertainment. Joost, an online video content and TV show distribution service will be a nice application for Web 3.0 websites where entertainment will be a huge advantage. Also there will more great applications for iPhone and Android in Web 3.0 to enhance your user experience. Slingbox is a TiVo-type box that allows you to access recorded shows from your mobile phone.

Powered with personalized tools and 3D space, Web 3.0 tools or applications will be quite comfortable to use in the future for every internet user.

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