Learn More about WordPres Landing Page Plugins

Learn More about WordPres Landing Page Plugins
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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page, also known as a squeeze page, is a specific page designed to grab visitors attention and capture certain information. It is often used by Internet marketers in order to gain people on their mailing list. Generally, landing pages offer something in exchange for the user’s information, such as an e-book or a video.

Landing Sites

The Landing Sites plugin solves the problem of users who leave when they do not find what they want when they come to your site, by listing related posts on your blog. The idea is that they will stick around to find what they need, rather than leaving the site within seconds never to return. It’s kind of like the Related Posts plugin, however, rather than using post text to find the related posts, it find posts related to the search term that brings the users to the blog in the first place.

This plugin is free, and works with many different search engines. This is ideal for those who are just getting into marketing.

WordPress Spire

WordPress Spire is a premium WordPress plugin, and a premium WordPress theme. Affiliate marketers can use either or both to create multiple landing pages, mini-sites and more, out of a standard WordPress blog, to promote their products. The plugin is $67 and can be installed on an unlimited number of blogs, so long as the blog belongs to the person who purchased the license. The theme offers a little more flexibility in the sense that each page can look like a different theme, and is available for $77. A promotional bundle deal for both the theme and the plugin are $97.

This plugin and theme are designed for die-hard affiliate marketers who are marketing several products and want an easy way to manage it all.

Max Foundry’s Landing Page Plugin

Simply known as “Landing Page” Max Foundry has hit the jackpot with this one. Though it’s not a free plugin, it is reasonably priced at $97 for a single site license and $184 for a multi-site license. The plugin works by adding six different page templates to your “Page Attributes” menu in a WordPress page. There’s a customizable interface so you can change colors and sizes of fonts and other items on the page. You can even use your own custom CSS to control the way the template looks. Having been given the opportunity to test this plugin myself, the plugin is definitely the best option for serious marketers (or designers working for marketers) who need great flexibility in their landing pages without a lot of hassle.

Making a Landing Page with the Exclude Pages Plugin

Exclude Pages is a nifty plugin that allows you to remove pages from your top navigation menu, without having to alter any theme code. This is ideal for people who want to make their own landing pages, without having them show up in the actual site navigation. For instance, you could make a page titled “landing” and send links to this page. Once the user lands on this page, they can move to the other pages on the site if they want to. You could easily make a page and link for all the campaigns you are running, such as Twitter, Facebook, and other advertisers.

The Exclude Pages plugin works by adding an “Exclude Page” check box on all the page menus.