Guide to Autoblogging: What are the Benefits?

Guide to Autoblogging: What are the Benefits?
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What is Autoblogging?

Autoblogging is a commonly used practice by Internet Marketers to promote their affiliate products and earn money. It is automatic blog content, designed to make running the blog almost effortless. Rather than taking the time to write posts or to pay a freelance writer to ghostwrite the posts for them, autobloggers use a variety of methods to pull content for their blogs, utilizing the scheduling feature of WordPress to schedule the posts and have them post automatically at predetermined intervals.

Autoblogging Plugins

One of the most common ways to autoblog is through the use of one (or more) autoblogging plugins that work with WordPress. Though there are free options out there, most of the autoblogging plugins are premium, which require a purchase and license for use.

WP-O-Matic: This is a free plugin that makes use of RSS Feeds to create blog posts out of content and organizes them into various campaigns.

Autoblogged: This is a premium plugin that will make posts out of articles and other content matching certain keywords. The prices is $59.95 for a single site license, and $129.95 for a multi-site license.

WP-Robot: This is a premium plugin that will make posts out of articles, yahoo news, affiliate products, RSS feeds and more. Choose keywords, post frequency and more. The full plugin price is $169 and allows for unlimited campaigns and use on unlimited websites. A developer’s license is available to deploy the plugin on client’s websites.

RSS Feeds

Using other blog’s RSS feeds is another option. This provides credit back to the original blog where the feed comes from so it doesn’t claim the content as your own. While many bloggers don’t like the idea of their content being “stolen”, there are many bloggers out there who appreciate the backlinks and additional exposure. There are plugins to help with this, too.

FeedPress: This is a free plugin that allows you to add feeds from several places. It pulls them in your blog and will create posts for each of the posts in the feed. You can set it to look for new posts every hour, every day, or every week. You can set it to where the link will go to a copy of the post on your blog, or the original blog. The post can update on your blog when it updates on the original. You can set which categories and authors the posts are attributed to, or allow them to be created automatically.

This is also a good option for bloggers who are pressed for time or who are running low on ideas. Blogging does not have to be about producing original content all the time. It needs to be more about connecting to your audience of readers and providing information they find useful. Autoblogging helps keep content fresh, and that’s what matters.

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