Tips on How to Exchange Links with Other Web Site Owners

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To begin the process of exchanging links with other websites, you will need to build a link page. This is very simple to set up. A link page consists of the detais of your website information such as a link to a banner or text so that other people can display your information on their website or blog. Then add an email address where others can send link exchange requests to you. Setup an email that is designated for link exchanges only so that they don’t get lost with other emails that you might receive. (for example: [email protected])

Next, compose an email that you can save into your drafts section. This email can be used for when you send out link exchanges to other websites. Begin with something simple such as, “Hello, my name is _______, and I am the owner of ________. Let the other webmaster know that you have visited their website, and found that you could benefit each other by exchanging links. Then include a url to your link page, along with your link information. You also may want to pre-write a thank you letter to send to anybody who has decided to exchange links as well. Save this to your drafts folder for future use. This way when you are exchanging links, you do not have to compose a new email every time.

Research other Websites

Begin your journey by visiting other websites that are similar to yours. For example, if you have a handmade jewelry website, then you should browse other jewelry websites, or even those that sell beads and accessories. Or if you have a website about gardening, home repairs, or home organization, you should find websites that have similar categories as those. Your website is more likely to appear in a search engine when it has been linked with similar website topics. Also, before exchanging links with just any old website, you might want to research its ranking in search engines. Search for the website at to review its monthly unique visitors and page views.

Send out a Shout & Wait

Once you have reviewed a website’s ranking and you feel that it could be beneficial to your own, send an email. Look for an email that belongs to a webmaster, author, or designer of the website. Send your “request for a link exchange,” email, and then patiently wait for a few days. Sometimes it could take up to a week before you hear anything. It is useful to send out a handful of link requests a day, so that you can don’t spend your time waiting for just one reply email. Keep a running track of the websites that you send link exchange requests to in a WORD document, and then you can check them off as you receive replies.

After you have received a response and have agreed on an exchange, place the other link promptly. Try to get the other url on your link page up within two days. Send an email to the webmaster to let them know that you have placed a link on your website and email the url of where it can be seen. Give the other person at least a week before placing your link on their page. If they do not, send an email reminding them of the exchange. If they fail to reply, take the link off of your website. Leave room for websites who will remain faithful in their weblink exchanging.


While it may seem like a lot of steps to place a simple link exchange, it is actually very easy and beneficial for your website. Exchanging links is an important web marketing tool for the success of your website. Linking requires a small amount of html, email knowledge, and some patience. Once you have learned the steps of linking, you can begin to use link exchange as your own personal free marketing tool.