Do Domain Resellers Make Money? Facts About Domain Reselling

Do Domain Resellers Make Money? Facts About Domain Reselling
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Do Domain Resellers Make Money?

We will address the question, do domain resellers make money, first. The answer is yes of course, domain resellers do make money. The amount of money that domain resellers make can vary from $0.00 to several thousands a month. Just like a big name domain reseller, the amount of money that you can make from domain reselling depends highly on amount of customers. If you have 5 customers that all own one domain, that’s about $8.00 a piece, on a yearly basis. $40 a year. You must also consider, being a domain reseller does not give you rights to all of the money. There are credit card fees, transaction fees, and more.

Domain Resellers

GoDaddy is probably the most widely known domain reseller. Their official motto is actually “The Web is Your Domain.” Now, GoDaddy is a reseller. They do not have unlimited rights to the domains that they own, sell, etc… Rather, they work in conjunction with the company Wild West Domains. Together, these two businesses can offer yet another level of reseller packages to you. You can learn more about becoming a GoDaddy reseller here.

GoDaddy offers three main reseller programs, which are priced at $99.99, $199.99, and $229.99. Just like anything else, the more you spend, the more features you get. Specific GoDaddy reseller profit rates are not stated. However, they do have a chart on the site that estimates your monthly profit potential. Most likely, you will not make the amounts on this chart, unless you get a lot of customers.

Other notable companies that offer Domain reselling programs are eNom and ResellerClub.

Mid Level Domain Reseller Pros and Cons

Above, we mentioned that GoDaddy is actually a domain reseller itself. Thus, if you were to choose to purchase a reseller plan through GoDaddy, you would need to pay them a yearly fee. This does put you lower on the ladder than GoDaddy, and this does take away from your money earning potential. However, it has several benefits as well. For example, mid level domain reseller plans normally offer free customer support. When a customer purchases a domain from you, you will only receive a commission on the profit. However, you will not need to offer your own customer support. Instead, if a customer needed help redirecting their domain, they could simply call the number on your website, and GoDaddy would assist them.

This is a very strong benefit to have, as you don’t have to hire your own employees. Most customers will appreciate 24/7 support for setting up their websites. Being a domain reseller, this is something that you normally don’t have to worry about. You simply sell the domains and make a commission.


Domain reselling may or may not be something that you should go into. For the most part, you pay a fee each year to be a reseller. From there, you maintain and webmaster your domain reseller website, and try to get customers. If you get enough customers, you will earn more than your fees, and actually gain some profit. But always remember, even if you are a domain reseller of sites like GoDaddy, Wild West Domains, eNom, and Reseller Club, you are still in competition with them as well. When most people buy a domain, they go to GoDaddy, Hostgator, Blue Host, etc… You need to make them go to your site to purchase the domain.

Most people like to get domain names at the same place they host their websites. Thus, you will likely make a lot more money by offering website hosting as well. Website hosting is not easy, and you must learn a lot to be a web host. It can be done, but it’s not always a smooth process. There is profit to be made, but it won’t happen fast, and it won’t happen without a lot of customers.