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The embedded SQLite library is the most integral part of the application program and can be called dynamically. The definitions, indices, tablets and data that make up the SQLite database is compressed and put in a single cross-platform file located on the host machine. It can be distinguished from the various client-server data management systems because of its property of not being a standalone process, which is used by the application program to communicate. It makes the efficient use of the functionality of the application program through uncomplicated function calls, thereby contracting the latency in database access. This is owning to the fact that function calls that are compressed into one single process yield better efficiency as compared to inter-process communication.

SQLite is commonly used by Mac OS X software like NetNewsWire and SpamSieve. The embedded library reads and writes all the data directly to and from the database files that exist on the disk.

There are many outstanding features of SQLite that distinguish it from other database applications. The efficiency of SQLite is expressed through its expert transaction facility that is atomic, isolated, and consistent and durable (applause to ACID compliancy) et cetera. The transactions can be easily carried out even when the system crashes or power fails. It ensures a zero-configuration installation without the need for a set up or administration. SQLite supports the features that are embedded in SQL92. It bears databases of different sizes ranging from terabyte –sized databases to gigabyte- sized databases. It runs faster than most other client-server database engines. It has a simple and easy-to-use application programming interface between one piece of software and another. SQLite has been written in ANSI-C and includes TCL buildings. It was initially written using the TCL extension. SQLite can be easily relied upon because of its well-commanded source code that assures 100% branch test coverage. It is available in the form of a single ANSI-C source code file and requires no external dependencies because of its self-contained characteristic. SQLite databases can be easily administered with the use of command-line interface client that comes attached with the application.

The advantages of SQLite do not halt at what it is composed of but also the kinds of usage options that the application database provides. It proffers the users with the exemption to use the SQLite database to write XML into the disk files instead of using other impotent applications. Using a SQLite database application helps to have easy access to the data files and makes the updates more transactional. It is known as a very popular and efficient alternative for database engines in cell phones, personal digital assistants, compressed audio players (MP3) and other electronic gadgets. Using SQLite in these equipments make the most of memory, space in the disk, disk bandwidth and are reliable and ask for no necessary maintenance from the database administrator. It is the most preferred database application for most of the small to medium sized websites as it stores information in ordinary disk files and requires no configuration. It is alternatively used for RDBMS in order to demonstrate and test different purposes. Its peculiar characteristic of being a single database engine makes SQLite outstand other sever processes that use different database engines for implementation. .