Learn How to Install a Xoops Template

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Installing Xoops Template

Once you’ve downloaded the Xoops template, it will be contained in a .zip file. Find the location on your hard disk where you downloaded the template to. Extract the template from the zip with WinZip or other extraction programs. In any program, extraction is done simply by right-clicking on the content and clicking the “Extract to” or similar button.

Once you have extracted your template files, you’ll have a folder TS-XOOPS-TemplateName or similar, which will contain three subfolders: HTML, PSD and XoopsTemplate. Next you need a FTP client, if you do not have one, download one off Internet, there are many free available like FileZilla and WS_FTP. You need a FTP client for transferring all files from your PC to your website hosting storage. Once you have downloaded and installed a FTP client on your computer, you’ll communicate with your hosting provider for information connecting it to your website. They can email you the instruction, your username and password.

Once you’ve connected FTP to your website, you’ll need to upload files from the extracted template. At the left side window of your FTP client, you need to browse the location where you downloaded the template, which will have a name like TS-Xoops-YourTemplateName. You’ll then enter into TS-Xoops-YourTemplateName\XoopsTemplate directory. Once you are into it, you can transfer your Xoops template to the server. The folder containing the template has a similar name to TS-YourTemplateName. You need to upload this folder into the themes folder in Xoops. Uploading is easy, just select and drag the TS-YourTemplateName folder to the right side of the FTP client window in the themes directory.

Your Xoops theme’s been uploaded, you can now log into Xoops administration page and activate your template. To do this first login to the Xoops admin page, which will have an address like https://yourwebsite.com/xoops or https://yoursitename.com. The login page will appear, enter your user name, password. You would have set up this information when Xoops was installed for the first time. If for any reason you do not have this information contact the website administrator or host.

After logging in , you will see menu options on the left side of the window. Click on “Administration menu, it will take you to the Control Panel. In the Control Panel page click on System Admin, a number of options will appear. Click on “Preferences” to open Site Preferences. Click on Edit, you will see “Default theme” section, click on it and then select the template you uploaded earlier. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Go button, everything is now done and your new template will be applied immediately.