Learn about RapidWeaver Plugins and How you Can Use Them

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There Are Many RapidWeaver Plugins

If you compare the number of RapidWeaver plugins to the number of the plugins for popular Windows applications with similar functionality, it might look like RapidWeaver is a poor relative but actually, the RapidWeaver plugins available offer almost any functionality you will need when building websites.

One of the places where you can find free and commercial RapidWeaver plugins is the site of RapidWeaver itself. The collection there includes many popular RapidWeaver plugins and now we’ll review some of them.

RapidWeaver Plugin: WebYep

The Web Yep RapidWeaver plugin is a compact Web Content Management System. Contrary to what you might expect, Web Yep is really simple to use and with it you can create editable web pages. However, the best about it is that Web Yep doesn’t require a database. Web Yep comes with a Dreamweaver Extension and if you like, you can easily integrate it into existing websites. If you know PHP and HTML, you might not appreciate the ease of use of Web Yep but for everybody, who doesn’t want to mess with PHP, databases, or even the intricacies of HTML, the Web Yep RapidWeaver plugin is just a jewel.

RapidWeaver Plugin: RapidBlog

The RapidBlog RapidWeaver plugin does exactly what it name suggests – it allows you to create a blog. You might wonder why you need a separate blog plugin, when the main version of RapidWeaver already has a built-in blogging plugin. The answer is simple – RapidBlog offers a bit more than the built-in RapidWeaver blogging plugin. The most important difference between RapidBlog and the built-in blogging functionality is that RapidBlog uses blogger as the blogging platform.

RapidWeaver Plugin: TabMate

The TabMate RapidWeaver plugin offers the ability to add tabs to your pages. Tabs make a design neat and organized and they are an essential part of many web pages. The TabMate RapidWeaver plugin is WYSIWIG, so you won’t have to mess with code. Additionally, it offers quite a lot of ways in which you can customize the look of the tabs you create.

RapidWeaver Plugin: RapidTable

The RapidTable RapidWeaver plugin allows to add a MySQL table to your site. It might sound strange that there are RapidWeaver plugins that allow to build a CMS without a database and wonder why you will need to add MySQL tables to your site but such tables do offer a lot of functionality. For instance, when you add tables with RapidTable, you can set many options for them, such as paginate the table, filter the entries and sort them. You can easily integrate a table, created with RapidTable with the look and feel of the rest of your site, because RapidTable tables can be customized with CSS.

RapidWeaver Plugin: PayLoom

The PayLoom RapidWeaver plugin allows to add PayPal shopping cart web pages. PayPal is the most popular payment processor and if you plan to build a web store, integration with PayPal is a must. The PayLoom plugin offers everything you need in order to quickly setup a store.

These 5 RapidWeaver plugins are just a small fraction of what you can find and use. As I mentioned, there are many more RapidWeaver plugins you can find, so if you need a plugin for a functionality, which is not explained here, just go to the site and see if it is offered or not.