Learn About Prezi: The Online Presentation Tool

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What is Prezi?

Prezi is an online presentation tool designed to help make your life easier. Rather than turning to the boring run of the mill Powerpoint presentations, or spending hours on end creating a Flash based presentation, Prezi will allow you to create a presentation online, where you can name collaborators and others you would like to share the presentation with. There are a couple different pricing options, along with a free trial to help you decide if Prezi is the right solution for you. The company is based in the UK, but has a lot to offer US based consumers as well.


  • Presentation Editor: The presentation editor is easy to use and helps you design the presentation. What makes Prezi different from Powerpoint and Flash is that rather than creating slides, you have one large canvas to design all over. You can zoom around (and in and out of) different areas on the canvas when you present, making it easier for the people who are viewing to take note, focus on and remember important elements of the presentation.

  • Download Presentation to Present Offline: If you cannot present online, download the presentation to present offline.

  • Groups: Create groups online to share the presentation with.

  • Import Images, Videos, PDF, Flash files to use in the presentation: Bring other elements into the presentation to make it easier to build with a limited amount of time.

  • Embed presentations into blog posts and other websites: Want to display your presentation on the company blog for customers to see or on the company website for employees to see? Embed it with ease.

  • Custom Branded Look: For £300 or $489.27 (conversions are approximate) Prezi will provide a custom branded look for your company. You can get multiple styles, but must pay the fee for each. Once you purchase the style, it can be presented all over the company and used as much as you like.

Pricing Plans

The Free plan offers: a completely public presentation published on the prezi.com website, with a prezi watermark. There is also 100 MB of storage space for the free account. This is enough to test the features of the program to determine whether or not it will fit your needs, but until you upgrade your plan, we do not suggest using any proprietary information in your presentations.

The Enjoy plan offers: the option to keep your presentations private or share them with clients, no watermark, and 500 MB of storage space for the account. This is perfect for those who want to use Prezi on a regular basis without having to keep the presentations public or for those who want to remove the watermark. There is also an offline player to allow the presentations to play offline. Pricing options are: $63.82 or £39 for a year, $25.93 or £15.9 for three months, or $162.02 or £99 for a three year license. (Conversions between £ and $ are approximate.)

The Pro plan offers everything from the Enjoy plan, along with 1.5 GB more storage space, a secure connection (to prevent data from being seen in transmission) and an offline editor. Pricing options are: $194.75 or £119 for a year, $63.82 or £39 for three months, or $487.64 or £299 for a three year license. (Conversions between £ and $ are approximate.)