Enhance your Web Site: Add a Blog!

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What is a Blog (Weblog)

A blog is a web site or part of a website which could be used by anyone to write and read posts, comment and interact. The content may be in any form ranging from articles to sketches, pictures and videos. For more information, please read this article: What is a Blog?

Web sites have a one-way flow of communication; but blogs, with the help of user interactivity features help you not to communicate but interact by sharing your comments on the web.. A blogger may use the blog as a diary and write their personal comments instantly. This kind of blog is often termed as Personal Blog. The reflections and views on life, commentary on the events happening every where and the reactions both positive and negative, are put across on a daily basis. Personal blogs are rooted in sentiment and become a way of communication among people across the globe. So these are the points which gets you acquainted with the blogging side on personal horizon. But if you really want to set up an exclusive blog for your web site, then it can do wonders for you in terms of web traffic and thus profits. The way of interaction will be the same, but purpose of interaction will be according to your web site needs and standards. You will then only need some moderation for content readibility and comments and that’s it.

Narrate your websites with Blogs

The narrative style of the blog is the first attraction in any web site. Blogs talk directly to the customer as opposed to the formal ways of the website. A company which wants to present a human face to the customer would, without doubt, go blogging. Companies involved in Internet marketing try hard to earn the trust of the customer and effective blogs are easy ways to do so. Also, you get the customer feedback and suggestions immediately. This saves money on surveys, too. You would see visible increase in the traffic to the site within days of blogging.

Some people may contend that going for a newsletter would be the better option. A newsletter, no doubt, could be very impressive when it arrives in the Inbox. However, newsletters take time and the news would become stale by the time it reaches the recipient. Some spam blockers may also block the newsletter which could then be lost forever.

Content Readability

The famous tag line - ‘Be content with your content’, is absolutely true. Paying attention to the contents of the blogs as well as web sites is really very important in this web 2.0 era. Web 2.0, the originator of Search Engine Optimization concept, makes it really important for any web site owner to frame their content in such a way that it gets the highest rank on the search pages. Blogs are one of the best options, since you get a chance to enhance your site with fresh content on a regular basis.

The Blog Genre

Apart from companies blogs are also used in other fields. Politics, for example, is one place where blogs have become prominent. If you have visited the web sites of some politicians you are clearly aware of the vast information and promises oozing from the pages. Before, you probably wanted to close the window immediately after reading the jargon rich words. Not anymore! Blogs are making the web sites of politicians more appealing. You may want to check out Barack Obama and John McCain to see some great blog examples. It seems that the politicians do know the tricks when it comes to blogging.

Celebrity web sites also boasts of blogs and chats, in addition to other features like photos and videos. Admirers and fans of celebrities get to know their favorite star even better. The stars, in turn, are able to promote their movies or shows, and are able to get feedback–thus knowing the pulse of the people. Major newspapers like ‘Guardian’ and ‘The New York Times’ have blogs for their readers to posts breaking news and comment on the news.

Advertisers have started ulitizing the power of blogs as well because they know how popular they have become. This is a driving force in the “blogosphere” and definitely offers yet another reason why web sites need a blog.