An Overview of DreamFace 2.0

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What is DreamFace?

Essentially, DreamFace is open source Ajax framework that allows web developers to create and share widgets through a concept called Web Channels. Web Channels display widgets that use data culled from diverse sources linked to produce mashups and interactions that can be defined and personalized by users.

DreamFace 2.0 is the most recent of the company’s Web 2.0 platform. This release has three main upgrades. The first is the DreamFace Widget Platform, which enables web developers to build and distribute applications, including interactive user dashboards, social networking applications, and business intelligence applications to interpret and display company information. The DreamFace Widget Library offers customizable pre-built widgets for common applications which can be personalized or combined with other widgets in the using the DreamFace Interaction Editor to make a new widget with hybrid functionality.

Elements of change

Dreamface 2.0 is, by nature, an element of change. It allows live streaming information, constantly updated, much like a radio broadcast of business information – updates in realtime. Users receiving updates can interact with the applications to gather more information directly from mobile devices or from the web. Tagging, voting and sharing are common Dreamface 2.0 interactions.

DreamFace Widget Platform

Any web technology that can be displayed by a browser can be integrated with the DreamFace widget platform. Ajax, Flex and Flash are frequently used to build applications.

For those who wish to monetize widgets or widget applications, DreamFace can be configured to provide targeted, interactive advertising to marketing engines. Dreamface widgets can be integrated into any web interface, desktop application, mobile device, or on social platforms like Facebook or Myspace.

Cost of DreamFace 2.0

DreamFace 2.0 Beta 1 is a free, open source program available for immediate download online. The next release, DreamFace 2.0 Beta 2, which will include the social networking application framework, will be available sometime in September.

Technical support subscriptions packages are available with price range beginning at $2,500. DreamFace also offers training sessions and consulting. You can get information about service and support on the company website.


The beauty of building this kind of widget is in subtle marketing. Because of the way marketing has been influenced by the web and social media, people no longer respond as well to direct marketing as in the past. They want and demand information and interaction, detailed and in real time. Companies that understand this have a better chance of winning the loyalty of consumers. DreamFace applications are an excellent way of engaging the mind of the viewer and gaining his attention long enough to deliver the company message, a marketing strategy that is much more difficult to achieve in today’s crowded marketplace.