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Free CSS Templates

The web sites that follow offer free CSS templates. Each site and template has its own license requirements. Make sure to read the licenses carefully before using.

  • has 144 CSS templates from which to choose. Because different designers contribute to the site, each template has an unique stamp. The various web sites include corporate, personal, blog, and creative. The templates are licensed through the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

  • Templates Rain
    Templates Rain has 39 CSS templates setup for a variety of businesses. Most of the major industries are represented. The license prohibits distribution to a third party, use for web sites engaging in illegal activities, and inclusion in company or freelancer portfolio.

  • offers 50 CSS templates. The designs are colorful and creative. As an added bonus, many of the templates come with step-by-step tutorials. The licensing differs with each template.

  • has 25 CSS templates, following strict XHTML and valid CSS specifications. The layouts are minimalist and grid-based with clean color combinations. The templates are licensed through the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

  • Arcsin Web Templates
    Arcsin has a collection of 30 CSS templates licensed through the Creative Commons Attributionn 2.5 License. The templates are professional with good use of color. Some are available are WordPress blog themes.

Commercial CSS Templates

The following web sites offer CSS templates for a fee. The templates can be modified with a text editor or one of the major web development software packages. Most companies provide a tableless XHTML layout file, CSS stylesheet, and Photoshop file with accompanying images. Some may also provide a table-based HTML layout file and fonts. Various price ranges are included. All of the templates are of high quality.

  • Template Monster
    Template Monster has 2,942 CSS templates available as of this writing. Every conceivable industry and genre is represented. Whatever you need. They have it. The regular prices range from $60 to $66. The company has unique buyout prices for individuals who want exclusive rights to a particular template. Those prices range from $1500 to $2900.

  • has 809 CSS templates, encompassing business and personal designs. The layouts vary in complexity and color scheme. The templates range in price from $25.99 to $29.99.

  • Theme Forest
    Theme Forest has a collection of 386 CSS templates. Some of which come with multiple layouts and/or additional color schemes. The templates are priced from $10 to $15.

  • has 34 well-designed CSS templates. Regular prices are from $40 to $58; and buyout prices are from $1500 to $3500.

  • CSS Template Heaven
    CSS Template Heaven has 12 commercial designs. What they lack in quantity they make up for in creativity. And the price is right. The fees are from five to seven dollars. The site also provides free CSS templates.