A Look at the Top Freelance Job Boards for Web Designers

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Get a Freelancer

This website has a wide variety of projects for web designers, web developers, writers and Internet marketers. Membership is free for programmers and a commission is charged on the project (when the bid is accepted and has been paid for) at either $5 or 10%, whichever is higher. If a programmer chooses to do so, he or she may pay $12 a month to become a Gold Member. Gold Members do not have to pay any commission, so this is a good option for people who accept several projects.

Get a Freelancer also offers an affiliate program with several different tools to help people refer buyers and programmers. Commissions are based on the project price and are unlimited.


This is a free site freelancers can use to bid on projects, though a commission fee of $5 is removed from the winning bid amount to compensate for the services. In addition to web design and development projects, people will find writing, and search engine optimization projects.

It is possible to earn affiliate commissions from this freelance job board through referring others to join. Referring a programmer earns 10% of winning bids. Referring a buyer earns at least $2, depending on the project posted and the winning bid amount. Affiliate earnings are unlimited.

Payment can be made through PayPal and eGold. Programmers have the option to get paid directly by the buyer through their method of choice, as long as they deposit money to cover fees. If the programmer decides to receive payment through ScriptLance, fees are deducted and they may request payout at anytime when the balance is at least $30. Payment processing takes a few days.

Rent a Coder

Similar to the two previous freelance job boards, Rent a Coder is free to sign up and free to bid. A $3 minimum fee or 15% of the total project price, whichever is higher, is taken from each winning bid in place of a monthly subscription fee. There are projects in all different facets of web design and development, along with writing and SEO, link building, and general Internet marketing.

Users can elect to be paid either once every two weeks or once a month, and may also elect to hold earnings until they reach a certain point. If the user does not have a PayPal account, he or she may choose to be paid by check.

There is an affiliate program for this website, too. Earn 33% of the profit when a client you refer posts or accepts a project, and once you’ve earned $500 in commissions, earn 50% of the profit amount.


This is a paid subscription service, though limited free accounts are available. Jobs are available in: Web Design and Development, Admin Support, Finance and Management, Writing and Translation, Sales and Marketing, Legal, and Engineering. Free accounts limit the number of skills and keywords displayed on the profile, and cannot place more than three project bids per month. Paid memberships range from $9.95 per month to $39.95 per month and increase the amount of keywords and skills in the profile, along with the number of project proposals.


There is no fee to sign up with this freelance job board, however, there is a 10% project acceptance fee to cover Odesk’s costs for providing the service. There are hourly jobs and fixed price jobs. There’s a software programmers must download to show project owners they are working on their projects, to verify the hours spent working on the project.

Each freelancer can set an hourly rate to their profile to help buyers see what charges they may incur for a particular project. Providers in the United States can get direct deposit of earnings, and non-U.S. based providers can get the Odesk Mastercard to have access to their funds.