All About The Logo Creator

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What is The Logo Creator?

The Logo Creator is a logo design software tool that is easy to use. You can use it to save time and money by creating your own graphics. Or you can choose to take it to the next level and create logo designs to sell to others. Whatever your needs are, this logo software will help simplify the process for you.

The Logo Creator comes with pre-made templates that you can customize to fit your needs. Just open a template and you can add new objects, delete objects, and edit the text to create your logo. If you want your logo to be more unique, you can get creative and design it from scratch.

Each logo edition features tons of objects, shapes, and fonts you can choose from. Mix and match the features to create logos, header images, banners, splash pages, buttons, and even e-cards. With this logo software, the possibilities are endless.

Logo Packages

The Logo Creator offers 9 different logo editions of their logo design software that can be bought for $29.95 each. If your project requires specific graphics, then you can choose the logo edition that will fit those needs. Below is a list of the logo editions available.

  • The Alphabet Letters Edition
  • Web 2.0 Logo Edition
  • Corporate Logo Edition
  • Entertainment Logo Edition
  • Mascot Logo Collection
  • Sports Logo Edition
  • Real Estate Logo Edition
  • Travel Logo Edition
  • Church Logo Collection

Mega Pack Logo Collection

This collection includes all 9 logo editions for $189.95. Sometimes you can catch it on sale at a nice discount. You get 480 professionally designed logo templates that you can customize. There are also over 2000 logo design elements included in the Mega Pack Logo Collection..

Other Useful Elements of The Logo Creator Design Software

  • Export images in gif, jpeg, or png format.
  • Import your own images.
  • All objects included are royalty free.
  • Create different text effects.
  • Use solid or gradient colors
  • Re-size objects instantly.

The Logo Creator makes it simple to create your own graphics. With all the options available in this logo design software, you can create great looking, unique graphics that will fit all your web design needs.