What Can I Expect From Web 3.0?

What Can I Expect From Web 3.0?
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What Is Web 3.0 All About?

The answer to this question, is one highly anticipated by those in the Computing Industry and Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, had this to say about it:

“The Web interconnects documents,” said Berners-Lee__, “but the [semantic web] connects the concepts like the people and the organizations and calendar events, the conceptual things that the documents are about.” [1]

Basically, the upcoming developments surrounding what Web 3.0 will bring, such as being able to search for a certain niche of interest and have tremendous results come up, concerning the topic. In those results. you may find; the nearest ‘meet & greet’, a forum community you would like to join, a convention nearby, the address of the local headquarters or association.

This type of results coming from your search is called ‘Semantic Web’, much more highly advanced compared to tons and tons of listings we find of documents to search through. Overall, it would be great to have a better search engine or search that does more of the work for you. Additionally, he had this to say about the subject:

The semantic web is a vision of information that is understandable by computers, so that they can perform more of the tedious work involved in finding, sharing, and combining information on the web.” [2]

Other Features Concerning This Phenomenon

Our upgrade from the tedious searchbots, that we overwork daily is not the only change we will experience. There will be others like it, we won’t know the Web as we know it today. Those of us who were sure that Web 2.0 was the ‘be all’ when it comes to changes the Internet, will be surprised when they realize, there is more.

We can expect this change to reach our desktop/laptop screens or anywhere there are terminals set for user interaction, to be altered sometime during 2010. There isn’t much time to prepare for this overall, but that may be an astonishment within itself. They are excited to see what is around the corner for the Web, they are actually bursting at the seams to know.

Some of us are also ready find out what’s in store, but can live without the technical jargon and appreciate some insight on the subject, as well. There are some who prefer to have first ‘dibs’ on some tidbits of information on what the web will be like in, 2010. You can expect various changes to the web, some you will notice off hand and some changes will dawn on you later.

For those who are interested, here is a impromptu list of some of the amazing features to expect with Web 3.0:

  • Internet Radio - You can expect the highest in digital sound and availability around the globe.
  • Smart Cards - These data ‘babies’ will hold all of your personal information and settings can be used with almost any computer.
  • Virtual Reality - A reality, once only as part of fiction in movies, until 3.0 who will bring virtual dreams into fruition, even in Job training.
  • 4G - This is basically more storage for our devices, being that 4G or 4 Gigabytes, will actually become the norm.
  • Remote Control - You will have a new toy to fiddle with, when you purchase a laptop/PC, a remote control for it.

This is not an all inclusive list of the features available to those who log onto Web 3.0. This may in fact be just a small or minute fraction of its capabilities. Face it, we can no longer run from the fact that the Web is engrained in our lives like the computer chip is for any laptop, it is here for the long endurance.

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