10 Web Design Tips that Impact Effective Internet Marketing, Part 2

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Part 2 of 10 Web Design Decisions that Effect Online Marketing Success

Because responders to your marketing efforts in online media inevitably interface with your website, it is important to make sure your web design decisions support your marketing campaigns, rather than act independently. That way, you gain more traction and impact with your online presence. The ten web design decisions highlighted in this 2-part article series can make your website more effectively enhance internet marketing pay-per-click programs, email campaigns or online media buys. The first set of tips presented in Part 1 were linking structure, text treatment, programming choices, contact information and take-away content. Here are five more tips for web design that impacts internet marketing effectiveness.

6. Opportunities for Interaction

Provide internet marketing visitors with the opportunity to offer feedback. The old-fashioned “suggestion box” fits perfectly within the user-centered marketing approach inherent in online venues. Visitors relish the option of letting their opinions be known. Take advantage of your impromptu focus group and include options such as surveys, email response forms, polls, and chat features.

7. Insider Information

Offer your website visitors information that isn’t readily available through other internet or print media options. Ongoing company or product information in a newsletter or “top picks” format can help you create a following beyond just the first click.

8. Registration & Give-aways

Provide incentive for clicking through your other internet marketing ads by offering registration or give-aways on the main website. Web users like to be a part of the “in-crowd” of a preferred company or service. Offer special site features and options that are only available to those who respond to specific email or online marketing calls for action.

9. Personalized Experience

Because internet users like to be in control of their own browsing experiences, offer ways for website visitors to customize their experience by setting personal preferences. Allow visitors to add an avatar to a personalized site page. Give the opportunity to select preferred content or design layouts so visitors become invested in their online experience at your website.

10. Customized Landing Pages

Providing a specific URL landing page for each internet marketing outlet or email campaign is a great way not only to track response, but also to offer information specifically related to the online promotion. Setting up a click-through from other online media to your site’s home page might not provide enough relevant information for visitors who respond. Website landing pages created for each promotion can impart key marketing points as well as filter visitors to other areas of your site.

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Are you looking for ways to make your internet marketing efforts more effective? This 2-part article series offers 10 tips for how your website design can impact internet marketing success. These 10 design decisions will help your website support online promotions more effectively.

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