Review of Programmer's Notepad: A Great Text Editor for Web Developers and Computer Programmers

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One of the most efficient code text editors available is the Programmer’s Notepad. It provides a simple, yet powerful platform where a programmer or web developer can create and modify the code for a program or website, which is then stored onto either an external hard drive, or a file in the computer. The Programmer’s Notepad is very similar to a very efficient word processor, allowing manipulation of code anywhere in the file. It color-codes different parts of the programming syntax so a programmer can distinctly see keywords, variables, comments and other program components. This makes the coding process much easier for programmers and web developers as compared to a standard text editor such as Notepad.

The Programmer’s Notepad has a unique search and replace ability, enabling a programmer to quickly locate a particular keyword in the file and replace it with another, as required. This function is missing in many other popular code text editors, making the otherwise-simple task of keyword replacement next to impossible. The Programmer’s Notepad supports a huge variety of file types, and its syntax highlighting makes the programmers job less tedious. Some of the main features of the Programmer’s Notepad include following:

  • Macro recording while using PyPN,

  • A fully customized toolbar,

  • Tab ordering (similar to Firefox),

  • Smart highlight,

  • Export to HTML and RTF,

  • Support for Unicode files, Windows, Macintosh and UNIX formats,

  • Unlimited number of schemes supported,

  • Word wrapping, and many other great features.

The Programmer’s Notepad is a tool that can be used by beginners learning coding, and by expert programmers and developers alike. Its clean interface without the usual clutter found in other programming text editors, speed taken in processing tasks, user-friendliness, and highly effective keyword coloring scheme which is programmed to color-code critical keywords, make it a text editor worth trying and using frequently.

It also allows for a portable version that does not require installation, and can be used on the go. For more information on the Programmer’s Notepad, visit