Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog: Learn New Ways to Enjoy the Benefits of Blogging

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Get More Readers for Your Blog

The competition among blogs is fierce with the millions of blogs out there now. It is more important than ever to provide quality content in your blogging niche. In addition to high quality, unique content your must promote your blog as much as you can to reap the benefits of blogging.

Here are ten essential ways that you should be using to drive traffic to your blog.

1. In addition to submitting your blog to the search engines, you should also submit them to blog directories. There are hundreds of them that you can find by simply doing a search in Google.

2. Put a link to your blog everywhere. It should be easily accessible from every page of your website. Put it in your emails, on your Myspace page, Facebook, Twitter and in your newsletter if you have one.

3. Comment on other blogs that can be related in some way to your blogging niches. Include a link to your blog with your comment.

4. Add a link to your blog on any print advertising that you may use.

5. On a regular basis, write an article that is related to your blog topic and submit it to the free article directories for other websites and blogs to use. Include a link to your blog in the resource box of your article.

6. Set up an RSS feed on your blogs so that people that want to keep up with your blog posts will get it automatically.

7. Run a contest on your blog. People love to win things and not only will people keep coming back to check on the status of the contest but they will let all of their online friends know about the contest, too. Submit your contest to contest directories.

8. Offer a freebie on your blog. People love freebies even more than contests. Be sure that the freebie is worthwhile. It has to be something that people will really want. Post the freebie to the freebie directories like Freaky Freddie’s.

9. Add a Google sitemap to your blog. This will help it get indexed quicker.

10. Choose a theme for your blog that allows you to customize as much as possible to allow you to make the sidebars more fitting for your blogging niche.