Why Do People Write Blogs? Reasons to Blog

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Why do people write blogs? Though you may have different thoughts on the reasons why people blog, we’ll offer a list of reasons why people blog to help you either start or further develop your own blog for personal or professional purposes.

People write blogs for fun.

There are many people who blog for pay, but there are others who blog for the fun involved with it. People generally blog about things they know and love and therefore see the act of blogging as an escape from their daily lives. Even freelance writers who do nothing but write all day find blogging to be fun, because it can be a personal project requiring no client approval.

People write blogs to inform and make money.

Blogs are an excellent vehicle for income. Though it takes great time, effort, and dedication to build a blog that will bring in enough money to live on, people who see just a few dollars a month are excited because many of them never intended to make money with their blogs. Many bloggers write their posts to inform readers about a particular topic or issue surrounding their niche and use affiliate programs and ads to make money.

People write blogs to help search engine ranking.

Search engines pay more attention to a website than just content. We don’t really know the algorithm and we won’t ever know the algorithm used to determine rank, but we know the more frequently updated a website is and the more links there are to and from it, the better it seems to do. There are plenty of internal links throughout the structure of a blog, along with external links because of the ability to leave a URL with a comment. Most bloggers post 3 to 5 times per week so it keeps the site fresh and gives the spiders more content to crawl, index, and rank.

People write blogs to connect with others.

Regardless of whether the blog is for profit or not, people write blogs so people will read them. Some bloggers may have a larger target audience than others, but someone somewhere is going to read their blog, so in the process of writing blogs, people are connecting with others who share a common interest.

People write blogs because it’s easy.

There are many different blogging platforms and programs available to make the blogging process easy. WordPress is the most popular option because it’s free and offers great flexibility. When used with a program such as Windows Live Writer, blogging couldn’t be easier for even novice users.

We’ve only covered a few reasons why people write blogs. If you feel we should add something to this article, or you want to share the reasons why you write blogs, feel free to share over in the Web Development forum.