Learn What Adobe Flash Is and What a Flash Designer Does

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What is Flash?

Flash is the modern and “in vogue” web technology used in web designing. A large number of beginners and experienced web designers seem to be moving toward this technology in order to produce Flash-based websites.

Flash is developed by a leading multimedia company - Adobe. This graphics program is specifically designed to create animated pages for use on the web. Flash is a great tool to create interactive web sites and its capability to produce raster and vector graphics let us scale our graphics to any size without losing quality and clarity. Flash provides its users with a powerful language called ActionScript and two-way streaming of audio and video.

The Job of a Flash Designer

A Flash designer is responsible for using Flash for creating interactive videos for web pages. Being a designer, he will be able to create many different effects, audio, video, animation and text. Moreover, he will also use ActionScript to create rich Internet applications with streaming audio and video. A Flash designer is involved in the massive production of interactive web pages and gradually moves to the wider use of this product. He will also research and invent own graphics designs to put on the web pages. A flash designer occasionally supports other departments in preparing multimedia presentation content.

Flash Training

Anyone interested in beginning a Flash training course should already have a basic knowledge of the Internet, HTML, CSS and at least one web development tool, such as MS Frontpage. The training course will teach you how to create different effects including audio, video, text, sound and many more things. The course will also teach you ActionScript, rich content creation and video development. Anyone having prior knowledge of C or Java will find it ActionScript similar and therefore will find it very easy to learn.


Flash is becoming much better known and is more widely being used than any other tool for creating topnotch graphics and animation. Getting certified as a Flash designer can build your basis to start a multimedia career that will pay quite well. Being a Flash designer and responsible for creating dozens of graphics and animations for websites can gain you high-level experience of not only Flash but also other popular web technologies as well, which could lead you to a higher or managerial position in your company.