Disadvantages and Advantages of Using Flash in Web Pages

Disadvantages and Advantages of Using Flash in Web Pages
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Flash Based Websites - The Pros


Flash has many great features, especially ActionScri

pt has opened up enormous possibilities for programmers and designers. They can build web-pages with interactive features for example flash-based games, feedback forms, photo slide show, charts, etc. These sort of attractive features that web surfers will see on the web will always make them come back to the same site again.


Flash-based websites give you freedom from cross-browser compatibility problems. With Flash, you don’t need to worry about how a particular CSS code will work in different web browsers. Another good thing about Flash is that when we set our site layout in Flash, it will always appear in the same way in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and other popular browsers. As long as the user has the Flash Player installed on his computer, he will be able to view the Flash content with no problem.


With Flash, it is possible to express something to a site visitor in a nicer and more attractive way. Flash-based sites are attention-getting and eye-catching. The site visitors enjoy more on the site, understand any message conveyed better and they are more likely to spend more time on the site and visit it frequently .

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File size

Flash files contain rich graphics and animations yet they are small in size. The small-sized Flash files allow you to upload many of these to your web hosting server in a very little time.

Flash Based Websites - The Cons

Loading time

Flash content takes longer than usual to load compared to regular images and text. This might cause some visitors to loose their patience and exit the browser or hit the browser’s back button. The heavier your Flash content is, the longer it will take to load and the more you risk losing visitors.

The Flash player

Flash requires users to have Flash player installed on their computers to view Flash movies. It is not likely that everyone has it installed on their system. And when the site will tell the users to install it, not everyone will be willing to download it, only to view your site. This will result in decreased number of visitors to your site just because you used Flash content.

Website Traffic

A website having Flash content would not be indexed by most search engines. This means your website won’t be able to rank good in search engines. Consequently, there will be less traffic coming to your site.