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Corporate Blogger Job Description

Corporate blogs are becoming a popular trend for businesses seeking to expand their reach through innovative additions to traditional marketing plans. Beyond marketing, corporate blogs are also effective tools for building employee morale, educating the public about a company’s services and commitment, and recruiting new employees. Because of the expansion of the corporate blogosphere, there is an increased demand for experienced web development professionals to take on the role of corporate blogger.

A corporate blogger’s job description often involves these tasks:

  • choosing the most desirable corporate blogging platform
  • designing and creating the look of the blog
  • maintaining the blog through innovative website development and programming skills
  • interfacing the corporate blog with the company’s general website
  • developing content ideas for the corporate blog
  • writing blog posts
  • responding to blog feedback from site visitors and employees
  • compiling statistics on blog use

A web development job as a corporate blogger involves a combination of writing, business, communication and programming abilities. Following is an overview of three helpful skills required for success in a corporate blogging job:

Effective Blog Writing and Communication Skills

Relevant content is the top priority of a corporate blog, since effective blog posts are what draw most repeat visitors and RSS subscribers. A corporate blogger must utilize good general writing and communication skills as well as address the specific writing (and reading) requirements of the blog audience. Brevity, the ability to entertain and an effective combination of personal anecdote and corporate-speak are important considerations for corporate bloggers in effectively producing blog content.

Blogging Time Management Skills

Frequent postings to the corporate blog encourage more participation and repeat visits. A corporate blogger must possess the ability to organize time and tasks so that an adequate posting schedule can be accomplished. A blogger must also be able to write quick posts that respond to or announce unexpected corporate events, job openings or industry news. As the corporate blog becomes a resource for employees and clients alike, visitors will rely on a consistent schedule of new content as well as the “insider” information provided by news-oriented posts.

Corporate Marketing Skills

A web development job as a corporate blogger also involves the ability to effectively “market” the company through blog writing, blog organization, general information provided on the blog and content ideas. A thorough understanding of the company and its culture, products and services and work environment is necessary for creating an authentic corporate blog. Corporate bloggers must be committed to learning and researching the appropriate information to ensure their blog writing is sincere and truly reflects the company they represent.