Using Facebook for Business

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Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter for business purposes is becoming more popular as social networking increases. However, Facebook for businesses is especially ideal. There are several ways to use Facebook for business without breaking any unwritten social networking rules and of course staying within the website’s terms of service agreement.


Consider making a Facebook for business profile that is separate from your personal page. This allows you to protect your private life while still fostering business connections for your service or company. Web designers, writers, and artists can especially benefit from making a unique profile that is about their business services. Be sure to upload relevant pictures, especially of you at work or your product in general.


Finding people who might be interested in your Facebook for businesses objective can be a bit tricky. However, with careful dedication and the right mix of messaging, you should be able to “meet” new people who may be interested in your services. For example, personal coaches can look for people interested in spirituality, diet, career, and psychology. Web designers can look for other businesses in their community or state to see who might be in need of a new or updated website. Always be sure to start conversations or contacts with the basics. You would not run up to someone on the street and yell, “Buy my web design services.” Exercise the same courtesy and respect on Facebook and other social networking websites, and exchange basic pleasantries and try to get to know your prospective client before going into a sales pitch.


Facebook for business users have the great advantage of the website’s groups feature. You could create a group for your business, just like some of the independent romance novel publishers have. This might help create a following. In addition, you can join groups and respectfully post links in the appropriate section. Groups are also a great way to find new Facebook friends. Some groups on Facebook, such as those focusing on SEO content writing even advertise possible freelance opportunities. Overall, getting involved in Facebook groups during downtime can be a helpful tool toward finding more clients for your field of specialty.