Celebrities on Twitter: Is this a sign Social Media Marketing Works?

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Celebrities on Twitter seems to be one of the latest news items in both online and print media recently. Words like Demi Moore Twitter and Twitter accounts are becoming as popular as terms such as MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook. A number of celebrities are using the popular social networking website just like average people, giving their life updates, greetings, and even rants on news items. Following a celebrity on Twitter is becoming easier as more athletes, musicians, and actors sign on to the website.

Examples of Celebrities on Twitter

Demi Moore’s twitter account has become a popular following among those who admire the Brat Packer who grew up to be in Charlie’s Angels and Indecent Proposal. She has an average of 5.7 “tweets” per day and posts on a variety of topics. Moore’s screen name is mrskutcher, a reference to her marriage to Ashton Kutcher of That 70s Show fame. Mrskutcher has posted about being disgusted that some states charge sexual assault victims for their own rape kits, Mother’s Day musings, and trailers for upcoming work.

Former presidential contender and ex-vice president Al Gore is tweeting as well. People curious about what Gore is doing since the infamously contested presidential election of 2000 can have their curiosity sated by going to his Twitter website, which is algore. While Gore is not as prolific of a tweeter as Demi Moore, he does update at least a few times a month on his life and exchanges tweets with followers from time to time. You can find out what Gore stands for these days or see him congratulating people on their life accomplishments by going to his Twitter website.

The famous Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal) is known as the_real_shaq when claiming his home among celebrities on Twitter. Shaq posts comments regularly about other athletes, rappers, and news items.

Finding Celebrities on Twitter

Finding other celebrities on Twitter need not require a lot of searching, especially if you’re not quite sure who you wish to follow. The website CelebrityTweet! allows you to find some of the most prolific stars posting their own tweets. Whether you want to know more about Larry King, Miley Cyrus, Carson Daly, or even Soleil Moon Frye of Punky Brewster fame, you will surely find someone interesting to cyber track on Twitter.

What this Means for Web Designers

With more celebrites on twitter everyday, it is a sure sign that social media marketing has taken off and is becoming a great way to get your “15 minutes of fame.” Web Designers can use social media marketing through twitter to follow businesses and alert potential clients of project availability, showcase newly completed projects, and more.

Knowing the powerful influence of twitter is also beneficial to web designers in the sense they can help their clients develop a prescence in social media. Many of the celebrities on twitter hire people to tweet for them, and web designers may be able to earn extra money by offering to keep up a twitter account for their clients. The same way web designers use twitter to target new clients can help those clients target new business.