Free Web-Based Tools for Website Design

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5 FREE Web-based Design Tools

Try these 5 free web-based design tools that can add user-friendly functions to any website development project. The website for each free tool is provided below the description. Most require the creation of a free account before the service is available, as well as the ability to add HTML code to various web pages.


reCAPTCHA offers free CAPTCHA web design tool scripting that can be added to your web development files. CAPTCHA requires user-specific input in online forms to verify that the website form responder is human rather than another computer. This free web based feature will protect your website forms from generating false leads and spam messages.

Get reCAPTCHA here.

2. ShareThis

ShareThis is a free one-step sharing web design tool that allows users to choose from a growing number of social networking accounts and services to share website content. ShareThis is an excellent free web based design tool for blogs because it can easily be applied to every post providing greater exposure to content and allowing website users to introduce web development content to other readers through their own social media accounts.

Get ShareThis here.

3. PlayList

PlayList is a free web based design tool that allows users to create customized music playlists and share them on individual websites. Web developers can use this free web design tool to add background music and sound to website design projects.

Get PlayList here.

4. Rock You

The free web based photo and slide show design tool, Rock You, is a go-to tool for MySpace users. It offers a multitude of functions, designs and special features to customize photo presentations and slide shows with every look from funky to classic. Photos are housed in a web-based format and slide show files can be created and modified in the web based account screens. The free web development feature can be added to any website with the insertion of code provided and automatically updates when slide shows are revised.

Get RockYou here.

5. Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search is a free web based design tool that harnesses the searching power of Google for individual websites. It allows web developers to configure a search tool for individual websites allowing users to search both the applicable website and Google as a whole. The free web design tool requires developers to insert the search code into files and to create a custom template for search results. Commercial accounts include Google advertising on the results pages, but non-profit and educational accounts may opt for no advertising.

Get Google Custom Search here.