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It’s a demanding job…but the rewards are plenty.

In today’s complicated global business, many different types of data are often required to generate comprehensive reports. The Database Design Architect is responsible for the challenging and detail-oriented task of putting it all together and insuring structural integrity of the parts and of the whole. The ability to plan ahead and to see the big picture is essential to this career. The database design architect must have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the company and be able to assemble necessary data in databases that make sense and can work together in a fluid manner. Software code must often be cobbled together from diverse sources to create a whole utility package.

Business software is expected to be flexible and extensible for changes in the business environment, and the integrity of the architecture has to hold up to all challenges. The first step in the process is to define the needs of the company and outline the concept. This should be followed by an in-depth requirement analysis, filling in the details necessary to complete the project. Once this is formalized into a requirement document and agreed upon by all parties, the architectural design begins. Databases are designed with regard to how identified processes will fit together. The database design is crucial to sound structure.

After databases are designed and implemented, the process to design the applications and systems architecture can begin. Like the database, the applications must also be designed to be cooperative. Since different departments may require use of the same data for different programs, modules must be created to address different sets of applications. Everything must be carefully planned.

When the planning stages are complete, the coding begins, followed by testing and finally deployment. Follow-up responsibilities include program maintenance and administration. With sound architecture, these tasks are minimal, but if any step along the way is ill conceived, the entire program is liable to collapse. The responsibility for a large and expensive project can be both intense and intensely rewarding from a career perspective. Database Design Architect is a lucrative career in constant demand.

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