How Do I Make an Image Map? Use Image Map Editor

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Online Image Map Editor Tool

The Online Image Map Editor tool is a free tool you can use to map your images. This tool lets you map images three different ways: uploading an image from your own computer, providing a URL to an image you’d like to use for the map, or choosing a stock image from their collection.

How Do I Make an Image Map with Image Map Editor?

This tool allows you to add your image, then you select the tool and map the area you want to link. Next, you will need to fill in the fields to link the selected area. Once you have selected your area and linked it, you can click the code link and get the code you need. You will then need to paste the code where you want the image map to display in your website code and upload the edited file to your server.

How Can the Online Image Map Editor Tool Help Me?

The Online Image Map Editor tool will help you map images. This tool makes mapping images as easy as 1, 2, 3. Some web design programs do not have the option of mapping images. If the web design program you use does not make creating an image map easy, or you choose to hand code the majority of your sites, then this Online Tool will help you out tremendously.

What Does Mapping an Image Do?

Mapping an image is when you link a certain part of an image. For example, many website logos are linked back to the homepage of the site. This is done by “mapping” the logo portion of the header image. All you need to is enter the URL of the homepage to link it to the image.

Can I Map More Than One Section of an Image?

Yes, you can map more than one section of an image. You can map as many sections as you need. The mapping is also used when linking menus that are images. If you are using the mapping tool for a menu, you can link each item by mapping it. For example, an image of a United States map can link each state to its own page and give a website an interesting navigational element.

Can I Map an Entire Image?

You can map an entire image, but if you are going to make the entire image clickable, you don’t need to use the mapping tool. You can simply click the image in your web design program and enter a link in the link field. The entire image will be linked. So, there would be no need in using the Mapping Tool to link an entire image.