Free Websites with Free Domain Names

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Do you need a website but have very little money to start up that dream? There are free websites with free domain names to make the process much easier on the wallet and on your dream. These free websites with free domains offer everyone and anyone the chance to establish their piece of Internet real estate for no cost.

There are two different types of free websites with free domain names. The first is the professional or business website and the second is the personal website.

Business Free Websites With Free Domain Names

When searching for information on business free websites with free domains, Microsoft is the first Google result. The Small Business sector of Office Live enables any business to obtain free hosting and a free domain name from Microsoft. There are limits to the website you can create with the free websites with free domains. For instance, the business can only choose from the default backgrounds and fonts. The header and footer choices are also limited. There is no backend to edit files and the user needs to log into Microsoft Live every time they want to edit their website.

Microsoft does allow the free websites with free domains to purchase upgrades from Microsoft that can make customization a bit more lenient. These upgrades will vary in price and availability.

Personal Free Websites With Free Domain Names

Obtaining a personal website for free with a unique domain can be a bit harder. Free websites with free domains of a personal level are often associated with web hosting accounts. These web hosting companies will give away free websites with free domain names with the purchase of a hosting plan. The pricing will vary wildly, but the consumer can expect to pay around $5.00 a month for the hosting and the domain name is free.

Businesses can also take advantage of these free websites with free domains names. There is actually a bit more flexibility when the business pays for the hosting and utilizes the free domain. The backend and files of the website are then at the discretion of the business and the format used on the website is totally at the control of the business unlike the free Office Live website.

One of the best web hosting companies that offer free websites with free domain names is LunarPages.

The Real Price of the Domain Name

When taking advantage of free websites with free domain names, make sure the domain name remains free. Some websites will offer up a free domain only to charge the consumer or business a huge sum of money the next year to register that same domain again.