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The official title of the degree offered by Strayer University is a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Information Systems with a focus on Web Development. The courses are taken completely online. There are two different types of classes online in order to appeal to a larger portion of the working population. The Synchronous class meets just like a traditional class at a fixed day and time each week. The Asynchronous class does not officially meet as the student is able to “attend” class whenever it is convenient for their schedule.

The popularity of online degree programs has risen in recent years with people looking for web design jobs. This rise has continued with the economic decline and the need for more education to continue working and advancing in a market where web design jobs are scarce and education could be the deciding point between one candidate and another. Strayer University is one option for web design programs, but is it the best option?

Cost of Attending Strayer University

Unlike a traditional university, Strayer’s cost of attendance is the same for both in state and out of state attendees. The cost, at the time of this article, is about $13,000 a year. This includes a cost of $300 per credit hour for an undergraduate degree or $385 per credit hour for a graduate degree. The total cost of attending the web design program will also take books and supplies into consideration. The average cost for books and supplies is $2100.

Application Process for the Web Design Programs

The application process for Strayer University is based on open attendance. Anyone can apply as long as they have a high school diploma or equivalent. The actual application is not published online as the university wants the potential attendee to request more information on the program before applying. There are no admission tests or preparation tests needed to attend Strayer University.

Graduating from the Strayer University Web Design Programs

Just because Strayer University offers web design programs does not mean the attendees necessarily graduate from the college. However, information online leads the potential student to believe that the students do graduate. One source lists Strayer University as the 3rd most popular school for Information Sciences with a graduation rate of 477. Strayer was beaten out only by the Community College of the Air Force and the University of Maryland.