Most Commonly Used Website Features: Blogs, Polls, and Forums

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Blogs have quickly replaced the guestbook feature of many websites. They are a great communication tool allowing for user interaction and easier search engine optimization. They can be updated frequently and easily, without much technical knowledge. Blogs are a wonderful way to get people talking about your product or service and find out how people feel about your product or service. If you’re interested in finding out more about blogs, there are several articles on the Web Development Channel to assist you with learning about how to setup a blog, how to create a blogging editorial calendar, and many others. Blogs are also a great way to bring revenue to your site as they allow you to advertise with Adsense, and you can promote affiliate programs from within the content.


Polls are a great way to let your visitors interact with you. Polls help webmasters get inside the mind of their audience to find out answers to any number of issues about the website in a professional application. In terms of personal websites, polls can be a fun way to entertain and learn about your visitors. There are a number of different polling software and codes available for free to add to a website, many of them highly customizable. Use polls to see what users think of new website features or changes, to determine if the changes you implemented fit the needs of the audience.


Forums give you great flexibility with your website. The users can communicate with each other, you can communicate with the users, providing a high level of interactivity and promoting a great sense of community, a very important part of web 2.0. There are many different free message forum codes that are available for free that can be customized to the look and feel of your website. Forums are much like blogs, with the exception of all visitors being able to contribute more than just “comments.”