Productivity Tools for Web Design

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Time management is an important skill when engaging in web design, especially on a freelance basis or when running your own company. Fortunately, there are many free productivity tools to help people better manage their time. Every hour wasted in the web designer’s world can be hundreds of dollars lost forever, so taking advantage of productivity tools is an essential and easy skill to learn.

Productivity Tools

Writing to-do lists has been a popular time management productivity tool for web designers and other freelancers for years. However, it can be easy to lose paper even with the best of intentions. This problem can be solved by creating to-do lists through a free web program such as Rough Underbelly. You also can track the status of your professional web design goals with Dreaminder, another free productivity tool useful for those needing to work on their time management skills.

Those who want to minimize their use of multiple websites and not waste even more time trying to use productivity tools are best served by a general site that allows calendars, to-do lists, ideas, and files to all be stored in one place. Such a free personal organizer productivity tool can be found at Backpack.

Common Time Wasters

Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter can be useful when it comes to finding new clients, as noted in the article Using MySpace to Gain Clients and Partners. However, more often than not becomes a diversion. As you learn time management skills, remember that there are articles that discuss some ways to avoid wasting time on Twitter which can be applied to similar sites.

Be sure to restrict your work time on social networking sites to getting new clients or keeping up with old ones. While there is nothing wrong with keeping up with friends, these activities erode your efforts at time management and should be kept to non-work hours.