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Download Windows Live Writer if you are a blogger seeking an easier way to post and navigate. Many people are dissatisfied with their currrent blog dashboard but they don’t want to move their blog over to another platform. To resolve this issue, many bloggers have decided to use the Windows Live Writer and reviews for it are positive.

Benefits of Live Writer

After getting the account set up, you can then start writing. Start a new post in Live Writer and quickly type out a post. One of the benefits of Live Writer is that you can easily place images and videos on the post whilekids are supposed t in the program. There is no need to wait to upload each individual picture or video to your blog server. Instead, place it where you want it on your post and then when you decide to send it to your blog, everything uploads together.

Another benefit of Live Writer is that you can work on your blog when you are not connected to the Internet. Let’s say you are going on a trip and have some time in transit but won’t be able to get online, you can write posts for your blog and save them in Live Writer for upload once you do gain Internet access. You are probably thinking to yourself that you could use your word processor and then copy and paste the text to your blog once you can get online. However, with Live Writer you will save time later on because you won’t have to copy and paste and again, upload each individual picture or video.

How to Download Windows Live Writer

To download Windows Live Writer, all you need to do is visit the Windows Live website. Click on the download icon and a pop up will come up asking if you want to run or save it. Choose run and it will automatically download to your computer and run the install. If you like to save the installer, you can choose save. Make sure you notice where it is being saved so you can find it after it completes downloading. Once the download is complete, run the installer and follow the instruction. In minutes, you will be able to write and post to your blog much more quickly and easily.

Steps After You Download Windows Live Writer

After downloading Live Writer and installing it onto your PC, you will be able to set up your blog account on the program. You will need to provide the program with your account information such as username, password, and your blog site. This will allow the program to sign into your dashboard automatically and submit your posts once you decide to send them. While you may be skeptical about using your information on a separate blogging client, it is just as secure as signing into the regular blogger platform.


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