What Are HTML Countdown Clocks & How Do I Add Them to My Website?

What Are HTML Countdown Clocks & How Do I Add Them to My Website?
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What Are HTML Countdown Clocks?

Countdown clocks are like timers. They count down to special events or something that you are looking forward too. For example, you may add a countdown to an upcoming wedding or the birth of a baby. They can be used on websites or social networking sites. They are free to use and easy to create in HTML, even for a newbie. Some of the clocks allow you to select graphic backgrounds, others have solid color backgrounds. There are many types of countdown clocks you can use. We also have directions for creating a timer in PHP.

How Do I Add Them to My Website?

You will need to find the countdown clock you want to use. Then you will need to fill in your information, generate the code, and then copy it. Once you have created and copied your code, you will need to paste the code to your website. Then upload the page you added the countdown clock too. If you placed it on a social networking site, you will only need to click the save option to update your profile.

Where Do I Find Them?

Many sites offer these Clocks for free. Below you will find a few of the sites that offer them. Some are geared towards MySpace and other social networking sites. But they can be used on your personal website or blog. Simply copy the code and paste it to your site instead of pasting it to your social networking page.

Countdown Clock - This is a free generator to create your HTML Countdown Clock. Simply fill in the fields and click the button of your choice. Then copy and paste the code to your website.

Crazy Profile - This site is geared more towards MySpace countdown clocks, but the clocks can also be used on websites. All you need to do is create the clock and paste the code to your website.

Wish A Friend - Wish A Friend has a lot of backgrounds to choose from. Simply select your background, fill in your information, copy the code, and paste it to your website.