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Program Overview

In continuing the series, we’ll now take a look at the A.S. program for Interactive Media and Web Design offered by The Art Institutes. The same entry requirements of an application with a fee of $50, high school or previous college transcripts, SAT/ACT Scores, and have an average of 2.0. apply with this program as with the Web Design Diploma program.

In addition to the courses from the Web Design Diploma program, students will take:

Computer Literacy This is a basic course that teaches the fundamentals of Microsoft Office. Students have an option to test out of this course.

Composition and Language I and II These are basic English courses. Students who took AP English in High School have the option to use that score to test out of the first English course.

College Math I This serves as a basic math course, covering Algebra. It is required for the program.

Intro to Audio This is a basic audio course that teaches students how to utlize audio for the web.

Writing for Multimedia This is a basic course that shows students how to write content for the web and interactive media products.

Speech This course requires a web cam to record and present speeches.

Project Management This is a basic course that teaches students how to maintain projects and coordinate more than one at a time.

Desktop Video is a basic video course.

Basic Web Scripting teaches the fundamentals of several different programming languages.

Interactive Authoring I, II, and III This is a series of courses that teaches students about Adobe Director software to create websites and other interactive products.

Computer Based Training This course teaches students how to ulitize flash for employee traning, and requires the development of an interactive quiz.

Video I teaches students how to create video for the web.

Logic is a standard course in Logic and has nothing to do with web design or development itself.

Media Law and Ethics This course covers ethics and intellectual property law.

Advanced Communications This course covers email communications, resumes, cover letters, and more to help students learn how to communicate with perspective clients.

General Education Electives Students have a variety of choices to fill these spots such as Cognitive Psychology and History of Popular Culture.

Sophomore Portfolio This course is required to complete the program and allows students to present a portfolio for potential clients, combining a resume and all previous projects.

Courses can be done on campus or online, and this is one of the programs that can be done entirely online. The Art Institutes run on a quarter system, and each course runs for 5.5 weeks at a time. As an online student, no more than two courses can be taken at the same time, for a total for 4 classes each quarter. These credits will transfer to the B.S. program.

I personally enjoyed this program and completed it in September 2008. I am strongly considering moving on to the B.S. program, covered next in this series.


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