Review of Webweaver's Copyright Generator

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A review of the Copyright Java Code Generator at Webweaver ( titled “Automatic, Always Up to Date Copyright”. This is the first of its kind that the author is aware of as of today. It’s a free, easy to use and very neat tool that creates a java script code for use on a webpage to automatically update the website copyright information. Every site that follows United States copyright laws should include an up to date copyright statement somewhere on each one of its pages. This marks the published date and can be used as proof of copyright in a US court of law, depending on how you interpret the US copyright laws. The author is not a lawyer and can not give legal advice. Always seek professional advice before acting on interpretation of the law.

Here is how the “Automatic, Always Up to Date Copyright” java script tool works:

Step 1: Enter the “Copyright Owner” data in the text field provided. Basically just add the name of your web site or legal entity.

Step 2: “Would you like to include the year you began?” It gives you the option to include the year you first published your site.

Step 3: “If Yes, what is the year your website was first created?” Enter the year you first published your website.

Step 4: “Would you like to include “All Rights Reserved” to your copyright information?” This would probably depend on if you already and a copyright policy posted on your site or if your own all the material on your site.

Step 5: Click the “Generate” button!

Step 6: This is where it can sometimes get tricky, you now need to copy and paste the code into your website. Make sure you keep the java script code perfect or when you test your site, you won’t see what you expect to.


Tip 1: At this point as a web site designer you probably know this, paste the code into the body of your HTML code, do not place it in the header.

Tip 2: The most common practice is to have this at the bottom of every web page in your web site.

Tip 3: It would be great to also add a copyright policy to your site as well, stating the user’s rights to use the information on your web site.

Overall the “Automatic, Always Up to Date Copyright” at Webweaver is a great, free and easy to use tool and is here by granted the “Bright Hub Approved” title. In fact, the whole website is a great resource, can’t wait to see more tools!