Creating a Web Design Portfolio - Tips for a Winning Portfolio

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Include Your Best Web Design Work

Having a winning portfolio could very well be the difference between landing your dream job and watching your dream job pass you by. While it’s not a cut and dry process, there are many steps you can take to construct the best web design portfolio possible.

First of all, make sure that you include as much of your work as possible. Clients love to see a large array of work, even if some of the work isn’t on a grand scale. For that reason, make sure you include everything you have worked on – no matter the size. The more work you have in your portfolio, the more trustworthy and experience you will seem. You should have a copy of your web design portfolio online, as well as a printed copy to take out when meeting with new potential clients.

Keep Your Portfolio Organized

Secondly, make sure your portfolio is well organized. Your biggest and most successful projects should be listed prominently. Instead of simply using a timeline, it’s perfectly fine to put them in an order of your choosing. Also it is a very good idea to explain each item in your portfolio so that clients know exactly what it is they are looking at and considering.

Include References from Past Web Design Jobs

A third tip to create a winning portfolio is to include references throughout the portfolio. Give your potential client contact information so that they can verify your work. Usually the client won’t take the time to actually utilize the contact information but the simple fact that the contact information is available makes your portfolio more professional and trustworthy.

Add Testimonials and Make it Error Free

A fourth way to perfect your portfolio is to include testimonials. In addition to descriptions and contact information, testimonial excerpts are a powerful way to spice up your portfolio. Get a two or three sentence testimonial from a variety of people and let their words speak for you.

Finally, always make sure you check your portfolio for errors. Nothing is quite the buzz kill as a blatant typo or a deal link within an otherwise stellar portfolio.