PHP Button Code Generator Review

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PHP Code Generator Review

Need to create a button? Need to do it with PHP? Now there’s a quick and easy way using the PHP Button Generator at . It’s a simple to use code generator tool that only takes a few minutes. The web page creates both a graphical button and code you can use in HTML or PHP pages. PHP pages can be a little trickier than regular HTML and tools like this one help web site designers by eliminating programming barriers and time it takes to create code.

Here’s how to use the PHP Button Generator:

Step 1: Select a “Button Template” from the three choices presented. Not a huge selection but they are modern looking.

Step 2: Select a “Left Icon” from a set of ten different images. The images are very basic and have a familiarity of Microsoft icons. However it’s not necessarily a bad thing depending on your theme.

Step 3: Select a font type out of five to choose from, then pick a size and use the color hex to pick a color. Being able to enter your own color hex makes picking a color endless.

Step 4: Enter Text for the button. You will be able to customize the button to say a short phrase. The size of the button will depend on the word or phrase.

Step 5: Select a “Right Icon” from a set of the same ten images as in step 2.

Step 6: Go back to step 4 and select the “Generate Button”. For usability, it would be nice if this button was moved below the right icon area.

Step 7: Right click on the image created and save it. Then upload the image to your site.

Step 8: Copy and paste the code given. The code is given for HTML or PHP use.

The code generated is very clean and easy to read, even if you are new to PHP, if you know the basics you can figure it out fast. It only takes a few easy minutes to create a button with this tool and implement it into your web site. Over all it’s a great tool and Bright Hub Approved!