The Benefits of Podcasts for Your Website

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Podcasts are audio files available on your website that visitors can download at their convenience. These audio files usually contain information about your website or products. Many website owners decide not to include podcasts on their site because they figure that people can just read the information off the site. This is true; however, there are many reasons why your website should have podcasts.

  • Attractive

Many Internet users love technology. Podcasts provide technology not all website have, which makes your site unique, interesting, and attractive.

  • Convenience

Visitors to your site can listen to the podcasts with computer speakers or download for later use. Since many of the audio files are MP3s, visitors can download podcasts to their MP3 player to listen on the road or while doing something away from their computer. The benefit of this is that people will be able to listen to your message when they are ready to instead of passing by your website because they don’t have time.

  • Viral marketing

Viral marketing is taking one form of advertisement and making it available to a large audience. Podcasts are a form of viral marketing. Since visitors can download your information and take it with them, they can share it with others who may not know of your products or website.

  • Listeners and readers

Website owners who use podcasts usually have a transcript available. This gives their visitors the option to listen or read your information depending on their time and preference.

  • Easily updated

Search engines and visitors want fresh content. Podcasts are an easy way to update your website.

Common Concerns about Podcasts

Some website developers wonder if people will download podcasts if the file transfer is slow. If you have a lot of information to dispense, make a series of podcasts available. Many people will lose interest in a podcast if it’s too long. Making it easier to digest by breaking the podcast up will mean that more people will take the time to listen.

Keep in mind that podcasts are accessories to your website and shouldn’t take the site over. You want a balance of information, products, and podcasts. Providing a well-rounded website will ensure you are catering to most of your visitors’ needs.

Lastly, make podcasts fun for people. If you have a tendency to speak in monotone, ask someone to speak for you.

Now that you have all the reasons why your website should have podcasts, start working on one! The positive feedback you will receive will amaze you as well as the increase in traffic to your site.