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Fixed Width Layout [fikst width ley-out]

Layouts that have a specific size which is determined by the designer. These layouts remain static regardless of the browser being used to view the site. While this allows the designer to have more control over the way a page will appear it can make it difficult for some users to view the site.

Fold [fohld]

When used in regards to web design, the term fold refers to the area on a webpage where visitors will typically need to begin scrolling to view additional content.

Font [fahnt]

A font is a typeface of a particular size, weight, family, and style.

Font Family [fahnt fam-uh-lee]

A font family is a group of fonts that typically look the same although they may have slight differences. Types of font families include Times and Helvetica.

Font Style [fahnt stahyl]

A font style is a special stylistic version of a specific font. This can include underlining, italicizing, or bolding of a font.

Font Weight [fahnt weyt]

Font weight describes the lightness or darkness of a font. The heavier a font is the darker it will appear and the lighter a font is the lighter it will appear.

FTP [eff tee pee]

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is a computer language which allows users to retrieve and send files to and from any computers over the internet. This is helpful in uploading files to a website.


GIF [gif]

GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. A GIF is a graphic that can be interpreted by all types of graphic browsers. It is the most common, and flexible, form of graphic used on the Internet.

.gov [daht gee oh vee]

The suffix of a domain name used to indicate that the website has a governmental purpose.

GUI [gee U I]

GUI is an acronym for Graphical User Interface. GUI is a program that uses graphical icons instead of commands for user interface. GUI links are a good choice for websites that are designed for children or for people who may have trouble reading.

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