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Cascading Style Sheets [kas-kay-ding stahyl sheets]

A programming language used in the development of websites to design the style of the website including the choice of layouts, colors, and fonts.

Case Sensitive [kAs sin-si-tiv]

The term case sensitive refers to the ability of a system to recognize a file name regardless of the case setting (capital or lowercase) of the letters in the file name. A system that is case-sensitive will understand that files designated readthisfile.html, READTHISFILE.HTML, and ReadThisFile.html are all different files. A system that is not case sensitive would understand those designations to be a single file.

CGI Script [see gee I skrypt]

CGI is an acronym for Common Gateway Interface. The term describes a program, frequently written in PERL, that can run on any computer. These small programs can be used to add a dynamic action to the website.

Child [chahyld]

When used in regards to web design, the term child describes a design element found within another element.

.com [dawt kom]

The suffix of a domain name used to indicate that the website has a commercial purpose.

Content [kahn-tint]

When used in regards to web design, content refers to the overall substance of a website. While it can include both the text and graphics of a site it most frequently refers to the text. If a website has well written and useful content it is more likely to receive repeat visitors. Content does not refer to the design, layout, or functionality of the website.

Counter [koun-tuhr]

A counter is a CGI script that can be used to determine the frequency a website is visited. A counter will track the number of times the site is accessed and will count a person who visits the site multiple times as separate instances.

Cyberspace [sI-buhr-speys]

A phrase credited to William Gibson used to describe the many areas found on the Internet.

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