Learn How to Create Your Own YouTube Channel

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Becoming an Internet Star

Have you ever dreamed of appearing on television? For many people, appearing in YouTube videos is the next best thing. In fact, some people have replaced watching television with watching videos. “How To” videos, or videos that teach a specific skill are popular on YouTube. Creating these videos can help you develop relationships with others because people may subscribe to your videos and continue to watch you on a regular basis.

Why are subscribers important? Subscribers to your channel can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can also use your YouTube channel to drive traffic to your website or blog, which can bring in advertising dollars.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

It is not difficult to create your own YouTube channel. You need a video camera and video editing software. Windows Movie Maker, which is a standard program on most PCs, is easy to use. Film yourself. It’s easier to edit your video if you film yourself in short segments, or video clips.

Next, import your video clips into Windows Movie maker. Remove undesirable portions of the video. Is there a baby crying in the background? Did your husband or wife, suddenly ask you a question while taping? Did you forget what you were going to say at one point? Anything that you don’t want to appear in your video can be easily removed using Windows Movie Maker.

Finally, save and publish your video to YouTube. How do you save a Windows Movie Maker file for a YouTube video? You must save the video in the “wmv” format. YouTube will do that automatically if you select “save movie file” when you have completed your video.

Upload the video file with the .wmv extension and you are all set. Be patient. Upload time on Youtube varies. It could take an hour for the video to upload on some occasions. Once you create your first video, you are on your way to building your channel.