Building Brand Loyalty on Your Website

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What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is a term used in business referring to a products success at gaining popularity. This term is most often used in regards to major retail businesses, but the web developer can utilize this method to gain popularity and website visitors. Unsderstanding the concept of building brand loyalty is often not enough, the web developer and designer will need to lean on and learn from the best.

Interaction with the Visitor is Essential

In order to brand your website or be successful at building brand loyalty, you need to offer the visitor a reason to keep coming back to your website. The two most common ways to do this is with video, audio and games.

Video can be used to market your product or service as well as a tool to present even more information to the visitor thus building brand loyalty. When using video on your website it is important to aim that video to all visitors including the ones with hearing disabilities and vision impairments. For more information on web design for disabled viewers read the articles in the Disabilities and Web Design series.

Audio can also be used to increase the loyalty to your content. The audio is a perfect way to present the information on your page to viewers in a way that is easy to understand.

Want to give visitors a reason to stay with your site for a longer period of time? Games can provide just that interaction. The games placed on a site can either match the niche content or offer just a fun way to pass the time. The more memorable a viewers visit to the site, the more apt they are to come back and share your site with others, again building brand loyalty.

An Old Favorite – Photos

Every website needs a bit of color and a collection of photos is a great way to add just that. The photos not only add this color, but also a personal interaction with the web designer or web developer and the website viewer. If you are trying work with building brand loyalty, make sure you are using that product in some of the photos. If a service is being branded, again market that service with the photos.

When a web developer successfully brands their product or service they touch many more people that a product or service that has no loyal following. The key is to offer the best and then give a bit more than that and visitors will seek out your product or service when the time and need arises. The better the customer feels on the website, the better you have been at building brand loyalty.