Arriving at the Target Audience Definition

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Getting it Done

Here are the steps designers should take in order to define the target audience.

Investigate the audience. Dig up as many details as possible and be thorough in research. Make sure the investigation is clear, concise and easy to understand and communicate to others on the design and development team.

Organize the information which needs to be presented on the site based on findings.

Express the information to be presented based on the findings. Pay attention to terminology, presentation and methodology to ensure the information comes across as intended and appropriately for the audience.

Master the information and the expression of said information. Present it clearly and effectively to foster usability and achieve the goals set forth by the objectives.

The more details one has regarding the target audience of a website, the better off the designer is. This information will help a designer throughout the entire design process and is absolutely necessary to the success of a website. Over time, as the site ages and changes, the target definition may need to be revisited, and each time a major re-design or addition to the site is developed, it should be considered.

The Definition

Based on the example, assuming a bit more about the product itself—the audience definition could look something like this:

The website targets men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 who work in a clerical environment and earn more than $100,000, as the computer gadget is high end in terms of cost. These professionals will likely be working on desktop and laptop systems of either PC or Mac in nature, living all over the United States, and include many ethnic backgrounds. The computer systems in use will be highly updated in terms of technology, using the best equipment, and high-speed internet connections. Some may even use hand held PC’s and mobile phones as they lead busy lifestyles with their careers.

Other variables will impact the definition as the product itself was left vague to show how these variables will potentially impact the definition.

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