Google Chrome: A web browser with more innovative and safety features

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Google Chrome Features

Google, the most widely used search engine across the world has come up with a new and innovative web browser – Google Chrome. Though, there are many browsers already available then why is a need for another one – why Google has developed a new web browser for techno savvy’s worldwide? Well, it is said that necessity is the mother of invention and it is absolutely true when it comes to Google Chrome.

The new web browser with its innovative design comes equipped with sophisticated technology that makes it faster, safer and most reliable for each one. Google has developed this browser after reviewing web applications that are being used everywhere. There are so many problems and limitations present in these browsers and Google has done a great job in fixing those problems and has integrated many advanced features that will help users in many different aspect.

So, what makes Google Chrome different from others? Following are some of the most intriguing features of this new web browser:

It is more stable: A browser crash is one of the worst things you face while writing or editing emails or documents. Google Chrome lets you get rid of this problem and provides more stable platform for browsing, mailing and lots more. You will not find such problems anymore with this innovative web browser – so, surf the net without any mess.

It is fast: Don’t you get annoyed when your browser takes longer time to upload a web page? If your answer is yes then you need not to wait any longer – Google Chrome is fast and does not take time to upload web pages. Unlike single threaded browsers, Google Chrome with multiple processes takes no time in loading a page. However, with separate Javascript threads, each tab you open is independent of others and if there is a browser bug, only one tab is closed while others still work swiftly.

It offers security, sandboxing and safe browsing: Malware and phishing are two main problems that affect users conviction and assurance on the Internet. In the present time, malware is a very important aspect as it is related to stealing passwords and other documents. With SANDBOXING – a new feature prevents malware from installing itself on your computer. Your passwords and documents are at a safer hand – so, why worry.

Google chrome’s task manager: Just like your own CPU, you can now monitor sites that are using most of the memory, downloading the most bytes and interrupting in browsing sites you are working on – so, just eliminate them and work efficiently without any mess. In addition, you can also see plugins that are associated with the tab.

Google Chrome has a privacy mode: This feature allows you to open an INCOGNITO window where you can browse sites without revealing your identity, as it is a read only mode. When you close the window, none of your history is saved in the web browser and cookies from that session are cleaned.

Instant bookmark option: Unlike other browsers, Google Chrome allows you to easily bookmark sites: You can do this in different ways such as by clicking the star button that is present on the top of the window, manually add the web address, drag a link to the bookmarks bar and by importing bookmarks. With bookmark option, you need not to search and type the web address you often visit.

Web Application shortcuts: It is really an innovative option that Google Chrome has come equipped with. Now, you can create shortcuts for websites just like other programs on your computer. This can be done easily – click the page menu, select Create Application shortcuts and then select the checkboxes in the Google Gears and place on your computer. When you double click on the shortcut icon, the web application opens.

Google Chrome is a new revolution in the Internet world and this will definitely help professionals in many ways.

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